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While cheekily named developer Wet Productions seem keen to point out there’s absolutely nothing pornographic about My Virtual Girlfriend, its marketing campaign does involve considerably more screenshots of attractive young women in nothing but skimpy lingerie than that of your average iPhone game. Aimed squarely at the male demographic (although my *real* girlfriend did spend a worrying amount of time playing it), My Virtual Girlfriend is basically a tamagotchi for those who’ve outgrown caring for digital pets and clearing up virtual excrement. As you play, your progress is displayed in the top-right corner on a heart-shaped love-o-meter. That said, Wet do seem committed to updating My Virtual Girlfriend with new levels and content, however I’d also love to see them add a selection of mini-games in future versions. Love it, not entirely sure about the first point you made, but as a whole it’s a good article. See videos of Jenny as she dances (Pro version), works out, gets made up for you, and much more (Pro version). This girlfriend app is suitable for lovers of big titts, video girls, sexygirls, girls in thongs, virtual girls and big tittys. AppsBang uses their own cookies and third party cookies to enhance the user experience and for analysis purposes. My Virtual Girlfriend Free e um simulador de namorada que coloca na tela do seu gadget uma linda garota para voce se divertir e treinar suas habilidades de interacao com mulheres. Tambem e necessario prestar atencao aos comentarios da menina e dar uma resposta coerente clicando em um dos quatro icones disponiveis no canto esquerdo da tela. Nao importa se voce esta solteiro, namorando ou quer apenas aprender algumas dicas para se dar bem com as mulheres, o My Virtual Girlfriend Free tem dezenas de possibilidades que vao manter voce grudado no seu gadget. A facilidade para encontrar uma garota cujo perfil seja compativel com o seu e a primeira caracteristica chamativa, pois nenhum relacionamento comeca de forma aleatoria, e sempre ha varias opcoes interessantes para escolher. A mecanica de interacao com a namorada nao e de fato muito humana, pois voce pode apenas visualizar a garota em um ambiente virtual que em nenhum momento representa a figura do namorado. Apesar disso, ha muitas formas de se relacionar com o boneco, pois existem diversos assuntos para bate-papo, elogios, toques e e possivel ate comprar presentes estilosos, que comecam como simples flores, mas podem evoluir para lingeries picantes. Apesar disso, e bom avisar: o My Virtual Girlfriend Free utiliza um modelo de negocio agressivo, e nenhuma das opcoes legais vai sair de graca. No quesito visual, o jogo nao surpreende, pois as modelagens das meninas utilizam texturas um pouco borradas e as expressoes faciais sao parcialmente roboticas.
I've reviewed similar games in the past (see MyGirl), but they lacked the depth that My Virtual Girlfriend provides. The first step you have to do in My Virtual Girlfriend is tell the app a little something about you.
Once you've selected your favorite of the three, you're taken to the game screen and you can start fiddling with it (no pun intended).
The game is full 3D, so you can zoom in, zoom out (some pinching is involved) and rotate 360 degrees.
These are the things that will usually not cost you any money and will hopefully get you up through the levels.
One perhaps good addition when it comes to the first stages of the game is the ability to create the girl exactly as you want it, at least when it comes to looks. Jen, skimpily clad in mini-shorts and a tanktop, was my latest a€?love interesta€? in the app My Virtual Girlfriend. After reading stories about the game Love Plus and how there are Japanese men who would rather date virtual ladies than real ones (one man even got married to his on-screen girlfriend), I wanted to test out what it would be like to date someone who isna€™t real. Love Plus, a Nintendo DS game, is only available in Japan, so I browsed virtual dating apps in the Google Play Store.
First you rank yourself, both physically and personality-wise, in a handful of provided categories (are you a bad boy? My Virtual GirlfriendMy Virtual Girlfriend offers thousands of different women to choose from.
The main objective of the game is to make your girlfriend happy and, hence, fall in love with you. The girls play hardcore into whatever personality stereotype they've been designated, meaning that when I was dating a "modern hippie" girl, she was constantly referencing pilates, green energy, and how she loves hiking. It took time and effort to progress through the levels and if I closed the app and ignored my lady for too long, she needed some sweet talk before warming back up. Unsurprisingly, she also hated my catcalling and, well, picking my nose lowered my love score too.

Unlocking new options and figuring out how to prevent my girlfriend from getting outraged and breaking up with me made me feel like she and I were growing closer, even though she was just following an algorithm. Maybe I couldn't find anything like Love Plus because we just don't have a cultural equivalent. I called up the creator of My Virtual Girlfriend, a man named Mike Amerson, to learn more about the app.
Traffic is high though: The free version of the app sees between 1,000 and 3,000 downloads a daya€”4 million totala€”and the two creators make enough from ads, in-app purchases, and downloads of the full, paid version to maintain a living.
The game technically has 35 levels but once you win you don't have to stop playing or start a new relationship.A Amerson hired a man on Fiverr to record a congrats message in a "Budweiser-ad" voice and the girlfriend dances around victoriously, but the game can continue "You can stay with it forever," he says. But it became clear talking to Amerson that maybe some people do wish we had a Love Plus equivalent, that they could be overcome by the same digital infatuation as those men in Japan. Because, really, we could all use a little more love, even if we have to get it through a tiny screen.
Cast as boyfriend to one of the game’s bevy of beauties, your job is to do whatever it takes to keep your new lady happy and avoid being given the boot.
With each new level you reach, more actions, options and items are unlocked and can be used to further woe your girlfriend. This girlfriend app is made by Alpha Male apps, and features one of the best video vixens around. Em um primeiro momento, e necessario escolher um nome e definir varias caracteristicas da sua personalidade, o que ajuda o sistema a apresentar opcoes interessantes.
Conforme o relacionamento avanca e o nivel aumenta, voce pode arriscar algumas interacoes mais calientes.
Portanto, se voce estava esperando uma especie de The Sims, My Virtual Girlfriend Free nao vai impressionar. Portanto, as pessoas que nao estao dispostas a gastar com microtransacoes vao ter que se acostumar com varias limitacoes e visualizar propagandas irritantes em tela cheia a todo momento. Mesmo assim, os movimentos do corpo e os gestos sao fluidos, transmitindo certa sensacao de realismo. O primeiro problema e que as personagens parecem falar em japones e frances, embora os textos estejam sempre em ingles.
If you're not into this type of simulation games, you'll be a bit disappointed by what you can actually do in it.
Pick your name there Don Juan and rate yourself when it comes to your looks and your personality. The app generates the environment (which is probably your apartment, not the girl's) and you see the girl you've picked on the screen. This is the most confusing part of the whole game (as in life, of course) as you don't always know how the girl will react to your answers. This being said, if you want to touch your girlfriend on her butt-cheek, that's possible, although not recommended in the first few levels of the game. Most of the activities will cost you money, while some will earn you enough dough to keep her happy.
You can tell her a joke, read to her, hold hands, tickle her, kiss her and later on make out with her or give her a spanking (yep, that's as far as it goes). These points are represented in the upper-right corner of the screen by a heart that fills up red. So instead of the app suggesting three girls for you, why shouldn't you be able to design one yourself?
If you are looking for a romance, a hot chat on a lonely night, a friend to sit by, or simply someone you can tell all your troubles to, then KARI is for you. I quickly pressed the thumbs up button and then scrolled through my list of potential a€?Actionsa€? before deciding to do a magic trick for her. For example, I could date Stephanie, a geek who likes unicorns and 8-bit retro but dislikes blue screens and Nascar. You can pick things to do or say to her, give her gifts, react to things she tells you, physically "touch" her by pawing your smartphone screen, take her on dates, or make her changes clothes. She got mad at me because I touched her wrong!Pretty much all the girlfriends have cliche "babe" bodies, with enormous racks and itty-bitty waists, and they use the kind of cheesy lines that even an awkward, hormonal middle schooler would pass up.
After I a€?gave blooda€? to raise money to take us on a date, she chastised me for being too broke.

In that game, you have to work your way through a more complicated romance (there are only three characters with very fleshed out personalities and you start by meeting them in school). His wife a€” who he met in the early 1990s while he was working as a male stripper in Vegas a€” records all the narration for My Virtual Girlfriend.
Amerson created the game to be light and funny and, for most people, that's what it is and that's all they want it to be. We use real girls for our videos, meaning you'll be able to view the real deal whenever you want. So don't worry about how to get a girlfriend - instead download your virtual girl here now! Os atributos fartos das mocas virtuais tambem tem muito potencial para chamar a atencao da maioria dos jogadores.
There's no adventure, there's no fantasy and (despite what you might have wondered after seeing the title), there's no sex involved in My Virtual Girlfriend. You can answer by basically rating the question she asked (often it's rhetorical) on a scale from "Awesome" to "Yuck." If you misinterpret the question and pick the wrong type of answer, you're automatically deducted points. Touching her belly will normally make her giggle (most girls tickle right?), although if she's not in the right mood, she'll get upset.
As you progress through the levels, more activities are unlocked, so you never run out of things to do with her.
Essentially, the game stops being that interesting after level 20, which is the last level that adds any new actions and activities.
The graphics are sometimes pixelated and pretty rough, which definitely decreases the quality of the game.
If you really love her, and are honest with her, you may realize that Virtual Girls can really have life, feelings, and be friends with us.
As you interact over time, you fill up her heart and progress to new levels, each of which unlocks new potential actions. Plus, all the girls responded differently to different things and getting to know them proved surprisingly challenging at times.
So, when I earned the option to flash my cash later in the game, I thought I'd try it since she clearly valued money. Well, in the flesh, the game is about as risque as the swimwear section of a Sears catalog, but thankfully what it lacks in outright sex appeal, it makes up for with enjoyable gameplay, pretty 3D visuals, and some genuinely hilarious moments.
Because rather brilliantly, Wet also throws some no-no’s like picking your nose or farting out loud into the mix.
The girls have an irritating tendency to repeat themselves, the dialogue is clunky in parts (especially the cringe-worthy street slang), and ultimately the game lacks purpose and doesn’t really go anywhere. All this is not to say that some gaming enthusiasts amongst you will not definitely enjoy this release. The app picks three girls closest to your suggestions and you pick one of the three (yes, Don Juan, just one). I've never actually leveled down, which means that you can get as many answers wrong as you want and keep going at the same level.
You can buy her flowers, jewelry, clothes, shoes, take her to the comedy club dancing and what not.
Ditto with complimenting her eyes, though admiring her smile got her to waggle her hips and giggle at me. But instead of offering her signature giggle, she just looked revolted, quickly rebuking my attempt to win her heart with money. But, try as I might, I just couldn't find anything with more in-depth capabilities than My Virtual Girlfriend. Choosing to go to your job will earn you a salary, as will recycling, and other not-so-fun activities.
You need to balance out the money-consuming with the money-making activities, not only because of being broke, but your girlfriend needs you around a lot. The app then serves you five different potential ladies, providing you with their likes and dislikes, where they rank in each aforementioned category, and their a€?typea€? (MVG lumps girls into five stereotypes: Geek, Modern Hippie, Urban, Alpha, or Diva).

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