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Vodafone are looking to draw more consumers in by both offering unlimited standard nationals calls and texts for all new prepaid, postpaid and business plans, as well as going toe-to-toe with one of its biggest competitors with data at the higher end. The move comes as the telco sets its sights on consumers who’ve been hit by bill shock, be it through burning through the allowed credit, or exceeding data limits.
Introducing unlimited standard national calls and texts across the entire range of plans, be it prepaid, postpaid or business is the first bit of news out of Vodafone’s change to plans.
The carrier is also looking to provide more effective ways of allowing individuals to handle those on shared plans eating through the data pie faster than others. Lastly, for those making use of their included international minutes and are finding they’re exceeding their allowance, Vodafone has introduced an automated overage which will charge calls at a flat rate of $6 for every 60 minutes. Vodafone has abolished voice and data roaming charges for its Australian subscribers travelling to New Zealand, and other countries could follow in the radical 'free roaming' plan. Arrive in NZ, switch on your Vodafone mobile phone and it'll be no different to being in Australia, with your Aussie plan's full serve of data, voice and SMS allowance available for free. This also includes free calls within New Zealand and back to Australia plus free text messaging worldwide.
New Zealand is Australia's most popular international destination, with Aussies making 1.2 million trans-Tasman trips a year according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
The scheme now covers over 50 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas, and easily bests the more expensive 'buy before you fly' add-ons of competitors Telstra and Optus. By comparison, Vodafone's new NZ roaming arrangement costs you $0 and makes all of your plan's data, talk and text available for use.
Over the next 12 months Vodafone will monitor how much it's paying on behalf of customers roaming in New Zealand, against an uptick in subscribers eager to slash their roaming costs. Vodafone also today announced a partnership with Qantas which will see selected mobile plans rebadged as Qantas Red plans and offered with up to 15,000 Qantas Points over the term of the contract.
David Flynn is the editor of Australian Business Traveller and a bit of a travel tragic with a weakness for good coffee, shopping and lychee martinis. Does Vodafone not require an Australian residential address in order for you to sign up as an Australian customer? That won't be possible as there's a limit of 90 days to the $5 Roaming (and presumably, by extension, to this free NZ offer).

If you want to step outside of your comfort zone and tell a joke (obviously ot a strons suit of yours) at least say something original. Zoozoos -- stick-like figures with an egg-like heads -- feature in the latest Vodafone Essar commercials that are aired during the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket series to promote different offerings and services provided by Vodafone to its customers. The company plans to roll out 30 different commercials on similar lines which are 20-30 seconds long. The Zoozoos are receiving a good response from audiences as they have captured the hearts of thousands of people on Facebook and YouTube. In reality, however, Zoozoos are actually slim women actors from local Mumbai theatres, dressed in white costumes to portray the characters. The characters were conceived and directed by executive creative director (South Asia) Rajiv Rao of Ogilvy and Mather and the ad is directed by Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films. The eligible plans are $100 Red, $100 Red Business, $130 Red Business and $130 Red Business Grow. Vodafone's baseline $100 Red plan includes a standard 6GB of data per month plus a bonus 2GB per month. Customers are nominally restricted to 90 roaming days per year, a Vodafone spokeswoman told Australian Business Traveller. Vodafone's standard roaming deal lets customers use their plan's data, text and voice allowance for a flat $5 a day across 47 countries worldwide including New Zealand, Asia, the US, UK and Europe. That includes access to local 3G or 4G networks plus unlimited standard calls back to Australia as well as within the country you're currently in.
Earlier this week Telstra launched a series of International Travel Pass deals which offer voice calls, texts and data roaming in more than 40 countries at $5 to $10 per day, although with only 50MB per day on tap.
Vodafone Red Roaming is great, but they need to increase their range of countries covered to include popular destinations that are covered by the new Telstra Roaming plans, such as Malaysia, Philippines and South Africa.
The newer plan comes with less data (6+2GB instead of 5+5GB) but I'd happily take the hit to save on roaming. Still it is a sign of how far we have come that $5 roaming can no longer be considered a good deal! In addition to the unlimited goodness, those signing up to a $60 or above Red plan or SIM only plan can enjoy 120 minutes of international calls to select countries per month, including: China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, NZ, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, UK and USA.

This’ll work similar to the automated overage in place for those who exceed their data and will automatically top up their international call allowance with 60 minutes, charged at that $6 flat rate. It is not associated with, or endorsed by Android and does not claim or suggest any trademark ownership over the name.
Considering how much more NZ mobile plans cost (at least last time I looked) won't kiwis use this as their own domestic plan?
As millions of people are glued to their television sets during IPL, we thought it was the right time to launch the concept," Vodafone Essar's director (marketing and new business) Harit Nagpal said. With these ads we are communicating as many services as possible through funny characters that behave like humans," Nagpal said. These costumes with enlarged headpieces rendered the actors practically blind as they could barely see where they are going.
There is also a contest titled 'What kind of Zoozoo are you?' in which users can participate. The only caveat is that customers who signed up this time last year to take advantage of Vodafone's 'double data' deal will find the extra data isn't carried over to the new plan, so check your data cap and usage patterns before to commit to the switch. Otherwise, they stand to lose the competitive advantage of their Red Roaming plans, which are superior in the countries where they can be used. I am on the older Red 100 plan (with $5 roaming) and was told I cannot upgrade to the new Red 100 plan (with free roaming). Fwiw I've been very happy with the service, I can use my phone in HK just as I'd use it in Australia without turning off background data or anything.
Those on a $40 or $50 SIM only plan will have 90 minutes worth of international calls instead. If on the equivalent SIM only plan with Vodafone, $80 per month will add 10GB of data, while 6GB can be had for $60 per month. That said, seeing another telco jump on board is welcomed and should provide more choice for consumers, which is always great.

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