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Hi Guys hnde sa totoo lang hnde ako naniniwala sa kulam kulam pero ngaun mukhang maniniwala na ako na mai nangkukulam sakin ngaun .. If someone has become a constant victim of a magician who keep casting spells on him and keeps sending his devils to jeopardize the victim’s life then i am telling about jalaali (very powerful) amal.
A lot who are under black magic spell become vengeful and wish that the magic boomerangs and brings about the same trauma to the magician as it had caused them. First of all, reversing a black magic spell is not that easy as it may sound because it triggers a sort of war. A lot of people believe that if they reverse the spell that has been cast on them, they can get rid of this trouble forever.
If the spell has been cast by the magician, then he orders his devils to enquire about the person.
Hazrat Ayesha has stated that a person who belonged to the tribe of Qabila Banozariq named Lobaid bin al asim who had cast a spell of magic on Prophet Mohammad (SAW). The hex was thus broken and the Prophet (SAW) told Hazrat Ayesha that the color of the water had turned red and the head of the dates had become very repulsive like the devils. The jews had conspired with Lobaid bin al asim to cast a magic spell on Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and in return they promised to offer him 3 dinars. I have performed a number of Chillas and also given charity for various amals, such as zakat e akbar, zakat e kabahir, zakat e akbar al kabahir, yet the magic gets blocked only upto 80% maximum. So when black magic could harm such even our Prophet Mohammad (SAW), then we do not figure any where. People have high expectations from some amils and believe that they can wipe out black magic forever. Permanent protection from the magic spells is easy in case of an amali magic with a taweez. The second way is to visit the dargah of a buzurg to protect oneself from the problem of black magic forever. Lastly, the victim can hire an amil on a monthly basis, who is powerful enough to deal with the devils.
They followed what the evil ones gave out (falsely) against the power of Solomon: the blasphemers Were, not Solomon, but the evil ones, teaching men Magic, and such things as came down at babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. If one observes this verse, one can get a fair idea about the enormity of knowledge the satan possesses. Just like defeating one’s own mentor with any argument is impossible because of the vast amount of knowledge he has over a particular subject, similarly it is next to impossible to challenge the satan due to the vast amount of tricks he knows and expertise he has in black magic. The knowledge of magic filters down to the people from satan and the devils under his authority.
The satan can be controlled only by Wali Allah and the Buzurgs who spend their lives worshipping Allah and avoiding all kinds of worldly matters. On the other hand the Buzurgs are in such a superior position that none of their prayers go unheard. Therefore, if the victim wants to face the challenge of satan, he needs to be well armed with the requisite knowledge of the Holy Quran. Due to lack of awareness about the black magic spells, a person may not be able to cure it. Hence, it would be wiser to be aware regarding this issue and if one thinks that symptoms of black magic are showing up, and then he or she should take the requisite steps to nip the problem in its bud.
When an amil tries to bring certain types of moakkils and jinnat under his control, he takes the help of the hisar.
1 Before starting the amal, one should read Surah Al Hamd, Ayatalkursi and the 4 Quls thrice and blow it over a finger. After reading them they should be blown over oneself and read once again to blow it only on one finger to draw a hisar around oneself.
If someone is under black magic, and he wants to reverse the spell so that it affects the person who has cast it on him, so he can do this with the help of the quranic verses.
One important thing to note here is that, if someone has got a talisman from the magician for this spell, then you can use the reversal spell, otherwise, if the magician himself has done this spell on you then dont do this reversal spell. If you try it and you dont know much about it, then you will suffer at the hands of the magician.
If you reverse the spell on the magician then he will order the jinnat to again reverse the spell on you. The magician has the help of the king of jinnat and a lot of other jinnat who help him and are at his service.they can reverse any spell 24 hours all the time.
There’s some horrible voodoo spell Black Friday casts that sometimes turns otherwise nice, docile people into the most horrible, vile creatures to walk this planet.
Everyone who is on their feet a lot for work knows that annoying, achy feeling of tired muscles.
Nothing says “it’s the holidays” quite like three screaming children and a mother and father fighting over whether or not the in-laws can spend the night for Christmas!
Even if you weren’t tight with them before this hellish massacre, you certainly form a new kind of bond when you’ve both survived a Black Friday shift.
I’m Jewish, but I’m not going to make some assumption and just say Happy Hanukkah to everyone I greet in the store.
Some of us EXTRA lucky folks work on Thanksgiving to make sure the store is all stocked and prepped for the rush the next day.
I can’t speak for everyone, because some of us are better at compartmentalizing than others. We’ve all felt pangs of envy when someone gets something we really want, but can’t afford at the moment. Food sacrifices placate the hundreds of sub-gods in this Afro-Cuban religionAllan StrattonSPECIAL TO THE STARYAGUAJAY, Cuba - At the front of the room, on a rough, wooden box is an altar to the orisha god Babalu-Aye. Ita€™s a course for everyone who is interested in esotericism, and wants to organize their knowledge. Astrology is the basic science out of the three hermetic sciences (astrology, magic, alchemy) and it is closely related to both the named sciences.
This course teaches you how to meditate and magically concentrate correctly and effectively. Remember to send pictures of this person if you have them and please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your ability. It affects the character of a person, their daily life and on how they treat each other in a community.

A person who experienced such phenomenon is passed through to their relatives, neighbors until it is widely spread to a community and to another. These are just few of the different kinds of mythical creatures which in some way it helps the people in a different way. It was a second opinion already that time, because when I went to have massage "hilot" they got white sand at my back and right legs that night and there's 0 possibility to have white sand that time in that place because there was no even near beach. 3 days na po sumasaki ung ulo ko hnde ko alam kung bkit tapos ung mata ko bigla nalang lumuha dahil sa skait ng ulo ko .. The victim should download this recording of the amal in his PC, mobile, MP3 player etc and listen to his non-stop till 2-3 hours daily. For example if a person has fallen sick due to the effects of black magic, then he may wish that the magician should fall ill too. Naive victims of black magic are not aware of the dangers involved in reversing black magic. If a victim consults an amil and asks him to reverse the spell, then he may be digging his own grave.
It is advisable to weigh the pros and cons of reversing a black magic spell with black magic. Consequently, Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) used to forget about certain minor works and get confused. In some places it has been mentioned that he had taken Hazrat Ali along with him and he went down into the well.
This wretched man managed to do this work by taking the help of the little girl who used to visit the house of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). If the magician is casting spells continuously then instead of vainly trying to block magic and having an illusion that it can be permanently blocked, it is better to keep breaking the magic spells as and when they are cast upon by the magician.
However, things get complicated if there is a magician in the victim’s own family who is constantly trying to harm the victim. They have a lot of spiritual power and the magicians as well as their devils are petrified of them. This way can prove to be fruitful only if the victim believes that he can be helped by the buzurg.
Since the magician casts spells nearly every day, the victim has to break the spell by reading verses from the Quran each day. Most probably, he will get agitated with the audacity of the victim to challenge him and would get back at him in a more lethal way. The satan and his troops not only know how to cast magic spells but they are also adept in diffusing the amals of the amil or the victim, by rendering them useless and blocking them.
It is essential for any amil or victim to be well versed with the Holy Quran so that they may understand that which verse would be useful for which particular magic spell. Many amils claim that they can block the magic and do a bandish to prevent further attacks on the victim. So if a timely cure is not sought, continuous headache destroys his normal life as he is unable to concentrate. So he keeps consulting doctors and starts worrying that he may be suffering from some chronic ailment.
Likewise, not healing oneself of this disease which destroys not only the health but also the wealth of the victim, leads to complications.
The medicines he takes do not cure him because the problem is beyond the influence of a few pills. In the world of amalyaat this is a very useful barrier of protection in which the amils can peacefully carry on with their amals without any fear of any enemy, whether devil or satan.
Black Friday elevates this to a whole new level, and eventually, you just stop feeling like you have feet at all.
A knowing look from your coworker while you’re dealing with an 85 year old woman complaining that you can’t accept her 20 year old coupon can make all the difference in just…making it out alive. Please don’t freak the fuck out when I say, “Happy Holidays!” and then dive into how this is an attack on Christmastime and I’m not a true American. But even if you don’t work and then have a Black Friday shift, you are headed to bed super early. Shoplifting increases with all the craziness surrounding Black Friday, so you’ve got to keep an eye out for people who are acting sketchy. But if you’re at all like me, after a Black Friday shift you need to go home, sleep, and just not be around anyone or a part of society for a good solid 24 hours. Energy that doesna€™t know limits, space or time- if it has limits than the problem is in you. Even the country was Christianized, the people especially in rural areas, strongly believe in magical creatures, and myths and other similar stories.
They believe that apart from human, there are some extraordinary people who are also living with the mortals.
The site has gathered information about mythical creatures, on how they do witchcraft, how to avoid or drive them away. Although all this revenge stories sound interesting but their real actual implementation is very risky. If the victim reverses the spell then the devil who is instrumental is casting it, has to face the brunt of the situation. This is primarily because magicians usually have thousands of devils at their beck and call. It may cause irreparable damage to the victim and may cost him his life or a fortune in paying the amils. This situation went on for some time until one night when he was with Hazrat Ayesha, he kept praying continuously.
I have seen a number of amils, buzurgs and babas at the shrines trying to break the black magic spell but not trying to block it, as it is simply not possible. The magicians have a lot of satanic power, so getting rid of them is a little time consuming and tough.
Their persona is so formidable that the magicians and their satanic troops surrender before such buzurgs without any argument.
This method is quite exhaustive as the victim has to read the verses many times to expel the negative effects of the spells.and do more thing do 5 time namaz and make wazu . He also imparts knowledge about magic spells to the magicians who work in collaboration with him. It goes without saying that it would be very tough for a student to compete with one’s teacher. They make the victim helpless by surrounding him completely and blocking all the ways to recovery. A complete analysis is imperative but unfortunately people do not make any effort to study the Quran in detail. However, it has to be kept in mind that satan is clever enough to block the amil’s amal itself. But if a person is aware about the whole idea, yet he chooses to ignore it, then that would be a sort of enmity with oneself.

If he keeps ignoring all warnings by his well wishers that he may be an unlucky victim of envy and enmity of some relative etc and could be under a spell, his situation would keep on deteriorating. One after another, all the property and assets of the victim, whether his own house, car, business etc have to be sold. This is mainly because the hisar is similar to a fortress with high walls and protection around it, to prevent one from the enemy.
They try to create disturbances during the amal which the amil does to bring them under his control. Care should be taken not to leave any space, so the circle should be drawn in such a way that no space is left for the jinat to enter the hisat to harm the amil. Before starting the amal, this dua should be read thrice and blown on ones finger or a knife and a complete circle should be drawn for protection around oneself. Together, millions of people wake up in total darkness, struggle to zip up their jeans from the feast they partook in the night before, and rush down to the mall for the best deals in town. I once had a woman tell me I wasn’t wrapping her gift quickly enough and then added, “Ugh, people like you don’t even deserve to have a job during this economy.” LADY, ARE YOU SERIOUS? Mangkukulam uses a black magic or spell that can cause various effects to the victim, like illness, which cannot be cured by modern medicine, misfortune to love ones emotionally or mentally, lost of mental focus, lack of sleep, lost to appetite, sudden accidents, and other unexplained cases.
If the victim tries to read it himself and then falls into some trouble then he will be responsible for his woes. If a magician or an enemy starts troubling the victim incessantly, the victim may lose his patience and plan to take revenge without knowing the consequence of their actions. Reversal of spells may lead to a war and the victim may have to pay through the nose to protect him.
To which he replied that Allah has granted me protection and I do not want the people to indulge in something so satanic. However, such buzurgs are very hard to find because they do not show any interest in worldly matters. It goes without saying that the buzurgs are also subservient to Allah, but before passing away, they had appointed their Moakkils, jinnat etc to help out those people who visit their tombs.
Similarly, it is quite difficult to oust the satan from one’s life if he makes up his mind to harm a person through black magic.
In fact, in some homes it is usually found covered by dust on the racks as nobody bothers to read it daily.
Having an illusion that we cannot be harmed by anyone would be like living in the fool’s paradise.
However, since the amils are in the ring of protection , or hisar, they cannot come near him. Later on this same dua should be read thice again and blown over oneself to further strengthening of the hisar. Someone won’t be able to decide if they should get the blue cardigan or the white one, and ask you to keep bringing the other one back so they can compare.
Whenever one senses any of the signs of black magic, so playing the recording for 2-3 hours will do the needful and Inshallah all plans of the magician will be thwarted. As a matter of fact, the amils wait for such an opportunity because it aggravates the problem instead of solving it.
The victim should look out for such toms only which are well known for their magic quelingl powers. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. If it could affect even our dear Prophet Mohammad (SAW), then we would definitely be much more vulnerable to magic. And if you are one of the lucky employees WORKING during Black Friday, oh boy do you make memories…. You will explain policies, rules, exceptions so many times, you will have reoccurring nightmares. As a result of this, the victim may even get killed, lose his sanity or may end up in a hospital in a serious condition. Those tombs of buzurgs are considered to be the best for such a problem where the devils who trouble the victim are forced to appear before the mokkils.
So in such a pathetic state, it becomes very difficult for the victim to tale the help of Quran in breaking the hex. They do not wish to lose their freedom because once they come under the control of an amil, they may have to obey him at any cost.
Even though you are incredibly annoyed by the same songs repeating over and over again, they will still be stuck in your head and later, find yourself singing them in the car. Since he may not have any one to protect him or to break the spells, he will crumble under the pressure of continuous black magic.
Moreover the amil should be paid in installments or on a monthly basis so that the victim may not any trouble in paying the amount. They try to scare the amils from far by showing them ghastly visions such as their near and dear ones getting killed etc.
By doing so, he thinks that his enemy may not be able to harm him again because all the harmful magic will go back towards him and bring about misery in his life. They can summon the king of the devils and order him to stop his satanic army from casting magic spells on the victim.
The amil should be an experienced and powerful one so that if the situation gets serious, he can handle it.
The king has to obey the command and he is asked to make a promise about not troubling the victim again.
But the magician has other devils too and he sends some other one to trouble the victim again. The magician who casts the spell is usually powerful with a whole army of devils at his beck and call.
It does not make much sense to take revenge in such a case because how can anybody go on paying to the amils for so long?
If such a magician is challenged by spell reversal, he may become even more aggressive and attack again with more force.
Moreover it has to be noted that when the magician causes a lot of harm to the victims although the victim has not done any thing against him, so what would he react if the victim actually fight with him? Then the first angel asked that how has the magic been cast, to which he got the answer that it has been cast on the hair from his comb and the inner cover of the bunch of dates.
The amil who handles such a case should be an expert in killing the devils; otherwise the victim may end up in more trouble. By doing so, the victim also protects himself from sinning, as reversing a spell is similar to casting magic spell.

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