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Mechanical Legs: Trailer support legs with each double speed, 25 tons dynamic, 50 tons static load capacity. Lighting system in compliance with EEC standards, sidelights, reflector, 2*7 pinned socket set system is used. Frame is subjected to sanding and surface hardening operation with completely automatic banding system. High strength, corrosion and impact resistant, steel material,ISO 3834 Welded Production quality competence certified. The largest monolithic sheet, having twists with reinforced strength, preventing outward exposals that might come up at lid because of the power coming from cargo, supported with bearers mounted to fixing sockets, switchable via hinge connection, side covers and additions equal in right and left sides, one rear cover and addition.

Casting chute mounted to rear cover, showing way to the cargo during discharging, and providing its homogeneous distribution. The Great India Place has been rated the best mall in the NCR in 2010 and enjoys over 1million footfalls a month. IAL recently launched Worlds of Wonder Water Park comprising of water slides, simulated Rain Dances and Wave Pools. The 8 lane, 9.2 kms expressway, DND Flyway, connecting Delhi and Noida is located at a distance of 2 kms from the destination. The Noida Greater Noida Expressway is next to the site which ensures the connectivity to Greater Noida also.

After painting last 2 times with willed RLL code, it is subjected to oven-drying with 60 and 80 degree.

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