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The last episode’s Little Mermaid metaphor just worked on all counts for me, but more than the metaphor itself, I loved Dae-woong stepping up to be a hero, to shield her heart from the tragic ending in her fairy tale.
Dae-woong tells Mi-ho that The Little Mermaid ends happily, and to believe his words, not anyone else’s. They missed the premiere, so Dae-woong stands in line to get tickets to another movie (Cyrano Dating Agency. When she sees them share a drink with two straws, she gulps down her soda and then surreptitiously sticks her straw in Dae-woong’s drink, lying in wait. Next, she sees the couple walking together, and the girl has her arm around the guy’s waist.
Mi-ho gets foiled time and again for her attempts at skinship, but then during the movie Dae-woong tries to take a piece of popcorn out of her hair, and she manages to take charge of his arm for the rest of the show. They end up in the electronics department of the mall, where Mi-ho marvels at all the strange new gadgets, and Dae-woong stops in front of a display, drooling over the camcorder he’s been wanting.
He plays a trick on her with the vacuum like it’s eating his hand, so she rescues him by throwing it on the ground, where it breaks into pieces. While waiting for him, Mi-ho runs over to the fans, playing with the sound of her voice and letting her hair fly in the breeze. He snaps himself out of it, and turns the fan off (as if that’s the source of his feelings, HA) and walks away. Hye-in meets with Byung-soo and Sun-nyeo, plying them with lunch to get information about Mi-ho. She asks when they’ll go on more dates, saying that she likes to do stuff with him, and Dae-woong asks her leading questions like, “You like me because I buy you meat, right? He starts overreacting that she’s a gumiho—how can she be so cavalier about him not buying her beef?
He forces her to act the part, so they go through the motions of taking away her beef, threatening to eat him up, then fearing for his life.
Dong-joo, Fairy Godmother, wakes up from a nightmare about his long-lost love, Mi-ho’s doppelganger from centuries past. She goes to see Dong-joo Teacher, and wonders if she should just tell Dae-woong that she wants to be human.
Hye-in and Dae-woong both get called to meet with Director Ban, and while waiting in his office Hye-in decides to pull some shenanigans in order to break the ice with Dae-woong. At home, Dae-woong looks at his ring and at the calendar, sighing that only 93 days remain, and that time is passing faster than he’d thought. He wakes up in the morning to find that she’s home, but she gets ready and leaves again right away. He eats alone, complaining that she’s late again today, and lets out a deep sigh as he crosses another day off the calendar. Byung-soo notices Mi-ho onscreen, and Dae-woong is shocked to see her, while annoyed that she looks like she’s having the time of her life (heh). She says that there were too many grill plates to answer the phone, outing the real reason she’s been so busy.
He waits with a chuckle, saying there’s no surprise if you tell him what the gift is. He asks her if it was hard earning money, and when she tells him how much the restaurant paid her for washing dishes, he’s shocked, and marches over there to give the owner a piece of his mind. Dae-woong heads into the studio for a costume test, and tells Mi-ho to wait for him, and that he’ll take her out to eat tonight. Director Ban and Aunt Min-sook come back from a lunch date, and she hooks her arm into his as they coo back and forth at each other. She gets up, proud of herself for her masterful meddling, but then jumps out of her skin to find Mi-ho standing right behind her. Mi-ho goes to see Dong-joo, and she tells him glumly that she thought she was just different, but she realized today just how lacking she is. Mi-ho says that from now on, she’ll ask him everything, and true to form, she starts right away. I love how fast we’re progressing plot-wise, and yet how slowly the relationship is developing between our leads.

Hye-in bugs me, of course, but she doesn’t bug me as much as a classic second lead, because she really has no traction here. Her latest stunt with the family will probably muck things up for a little while though, seeing as how Grandpa seems more irate than the time his precious fish died.
I love that Mi-ho is consistently open about her feelings for Dae-woong and that she isn’t afraid to ask him the kinds of things that it would take other drama heroines centuries to put into words, if ever at all. Yeah, I have nothing further to add, since I basically squeed my heart out on Twitter when I was watching it earlier. He’s startled at first, but then smiles right away, saying, “You couldn’t wait?” And then to her dismay, out of his pocket, he pulls out…a sausage! The best part about MGIG is that these misunderstandings don’t get dragged out forever, which causes the story to lag. I agree, this drama does remind me a lot of Smile, You as the two leads manage to resolve conflicts within an episode or within the first few minutes of the next. This episode, Mi-ho learns the value of a Dollar Won, and Dae-woong learns the value of a gift from the heart. Jealous.) While waiting for him, Mi-ho sees another couple on a date, and starts mimicking their actions. So Mi-ho follows suit, putting her arm around Dae-woong, and reaching her hand (Omo) right into his pocket. Dae-woong sees her, and in a moment of reverie, says to himself that he was silly to think she would ever eat him up.
Thankfully, her perm wasn’t very permanent at all, although she wishes it had lasted longer.
In the dream she tells him that she’s fallen in love with a man and asks for a way to become human. He tries to convince himself that this helps put things in their place and tries his best to put some distance between himself and Mi-ho. She purposely trips and knocks over a bunch of DVDs (the severity of which I don’t get, really) and they scheme to put them back while distracting the director.
She fantasizes about buying it for him, earning his respect as a human and making him happy all at once. But Mi-ho is busy washing dishes at a restaurant, so that she can earn some money for the camcorder.
He thinks again about calling Dong-joo, but decides he can’t, and just then, Mi-ho walks in.
That appeases him a little, but he still petulantly tells her that she looked like she was having fun eating on tv with the chicken shop ajumma, and that she can spend all her time with Dong-joo if she pleases, but to answer her phone.
She tells him that she’s been working hard to make money, so that she could buy him the thing he really wanted—the thing he picked out that day after the movies. But then Sun-nyeo appears with Hye-in around the corner, and Doo-hong freaks out, pushing Min-sook away with such force that she ends up flying a few feet and landing on the floor. She lights up, saying that she loves them, and he’s surprised to see that against his preconceptions, she does like flowers like a regular girl. I would think Dae-woong could find a way to reason with him, but I wouldn’t mind a little angst to separate them for a little while, as long as it made them miss each other like crazy.
It’s so refreshing to have them both be so forthright, because the source of angst for them is in the mythological, not the mundane. A kdrama couple actually having real conversations, rather than misunderstandings and angst?
If I had a stuffed doll of Lee Seung-gi’s left dimple, I’d nibble on it like Mi-ho with her stuffed chicken leg.
His sudden assertiveness since the last episode, especially about the ending of that book…it KILLS me.
She sees the girl primping, and making cheesy wink-and-finger-guns gestures at her boyfriend, so she does the same to Dae-woong. And instead of taking her by the hand like she asks, he leads her away by her bag strap like a dog.
He tells her that the stereo is a mind-reading device, the bathroom scale is an age-indicator, and the calculator is a human-remote.

He muses that like this, she looks just like a normal girl, and realizes that his mind keeps forgetting—that she isn’t. I love that this entire process, from the discovery of his feelings, to the denial, is delivered silently, but we can read it plainly all over his face. Dae-woong watches her warily, almost willing her to keep doing crazy things, to disabuse him of the idea that he could develop feelings for a gumiho.
Mi-ho says that she doesn’t want to scare him anymore, and to just think of her as a person then.
He explains to her that this is the extent of their relationship, and that when the 100 days are over, he won’t concern himself with where she goes or what she does.
He spits out angrily that he can’t understand why she would want to give up being a special, powerful being, to be a lowly human.
Dae-woong sits at home waiting and waiting, growing annoyed at the thought that she might be hanging out with Dong-joo. She takes her to the set of the home shopping channel, where they’re filming a commercial for beef. Hye-in cops to just being a friend, but when Min-sook admits to knowing very little about said girlfriend, she sees an opportunity. Mi-ho confronts her about her lies, and when Hye-in defends her position, Mi-ho resorts to scaring her.
It gets delivered to the house, and Mi-ho opens it up, to realize that this is what Dae-woong actually wanted. He pauses in the entryway, thinking it’s a little ridiculous to present flowers to a gumiho, but then he sees his camcorder sign in the trash.
And as he starts to think that maybe he really could, a petal falls from the bouquet and he catches it in his hand. As long as that giant elephant is still in the room—love or death—then the little conflicts are free to be resolved and we don’t have to feel like the little misunderstandings that drive other drama plots are running this one. And in this episode when Hye-in asked them about Mi-ho, Sun-nyeo even mentioned that Mi-ho didn’t know who was Won Bin in his movie poster! Mi-ho could have moped around forever, knowing that she didn’t really get what Dae-woong wanted, but instead it was quickly resolved by Dae-woong.
He watches her, and his heart starts to beat in his ears, and he begins to see her in a new light.
He leaves and she waves goodbye, which he forces her to change to a threatening fist wave instead, and acts out his part of the fearful human, promising to bring home beef.
It’s nice that both men are becoming increasingly affected by Mi-ho in different ways, and against their will, at that. I sort of love that the tables are turned now, and he waits around for her, stewing in his own feelings.
He regretfully crosses another day off the calendar and convinces himself that he’s better off not concerning himself with her. Suffice it to say, the man’s not squeamish about pulling a tiny sausage out of his pants. She does so happily, and Dae-woong meanwhile misses her television debut, while wondering where the hell she is. He corrects her—she’s wrong about that, just as he was wrong about what her likes and dislikes are.
He declares that they’ll correct those things by learning about each other, and living to match their tastes. If you have won a high value auction I recommend requesting insurance as it will give you a tracking number and peace of mind.

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