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You don’t know anyone here, the party being hosted by some band you had never heard of. She pulls you to the middle of the dance floor, as the song starts to change to a fast paced beat. His eyes locked on yours before scanning over your body, stopping at your hips before moving back up. You can’t help the smirk that grows on you face, enjoying the attention he was giving you over the red head throwing herself at him.
He was incredibly good looking, his white button up shirt and black skinny jeans adding to the attraction.
Wanting to keep him looking, you dance harder, moving your body in ways that are bound to drive him crazy. The song comes to an end and the DJ takes the mic, talking about a new track that the artists hosting the party had just released.
The song starts to pick up, and you feel a pair of hands snake around your waist, turning you to face who they belong to.

At first you’re a little thrown, but as he starts to move against you, your confidence gains, finding the beat and returning to your previous moves. Twisting in his hold so your back is pressed to his front, his hands find your hips and he moves you against him. Your move your hair to one side, and can feel his breath on your neck, followed by his lips lightly touching the skin, causing the heat in your cheeks to rise.
You see your friend sitting at the bar, but instead of heading there, he heads to a wall on the far side of the club. Leaning your back against it, his arm reaches up to rest above your head, as he leans into you.

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