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That is pretty much what the die hard MJ fans and the rest of the world which has swayed, rocked and danced to the beats, tunes and steps of Michael Jackson, have been left asking for the last few days. The song that is believed to have been a reference to Jackson’s wife Lisa Marie, the daughter of Elvis Presley, was released at a time when he had considerable trouble in his personal life.
Bad, along with Thriller before it, was the album the proved to the world that you can have more than one sensational hit single from one album and this was the third of the famous trio. Winner of two Grammys and two American Music Awards, Beat It is the tune that is an absolute and complete party song which rocked America and the world all night long. While you could argue about whether this was a bigger hit than ‘Beat It’ or not, the significance of the song lies in the fact that it was a budding Michael’s biggest hit and his first #1 after a 7 year hiatus. Irrespective of how you feel about the persona and the music of the man, there is absolutely no doubt that MJ was an entertainer who loved to take up a social cause and make it a talking point. This is a song we love more for the Moonwalk and the ‘leaning forward’ dance move more than the music, the gangster atmosphere and the guns. This was the first song that this writer ever heard from the MJ arsenal and it was not even out of an enthusiasm for music.
Like many others to follow, this all time classic was inspired by Michael’s real life experience with a fan who claimed that he was the father of one of her twins. It is not just the lyrics and the content in the song that makes it so special, but the production values of the video, which were way beyond their time- both in technology and costs.

While the death of King of Pop has been turned into a media event and some continue to ponder more on his personal life than his prodigious talent, for both his co-entertainers and the billions who have been entertained by his eccentric genius, it is a loss that is like none other. Not only was it a moving love song that became an instant hit overnight, but holds the Guinness Record for being the first song to debut at Number 1in the Billboard Hot 100. Done with a very special shuffling rhythm, Jackson performed it live at the 1988 Grammy Awards and is musically different from the rest of his collection.
The song was put in album to give the Rock fans what they wanted and they more gleefully accepted.
In association with Quincy Jones, he went on to produce some of his finest hits and this was where it all began.
Anti-racism was the subject of the song and ‘hard rock’ its style; making it a huge hit overnight. For a startled global audience, the magic that Michael presented with his head-spinning array of body benders was a treat like none other on the globe. It was in a classroom and the song was part of the school curriculum- in a country that is not USA! She apparently even sent him a gun asking Michael to shoot himself at a certain date and time; something she said she would do as well. It was Michael’s biggest ever single in UK and still the popular anthem for environmental groups.

Nothing before and nothing afterwards in the music industry has captured the hearts and minds of fans like Thriller. Despite MJ having many songs which probably have received greater critical acclaim, this is one party tune that always fills you with energy… Not to forget the awesome guitar solo from rocker Eddie Van Halen. As we will go along we will see a couple more such songs on the list which show the legend’s concern for society and the planet.
That is pretty much the best example of the impact this man has had on human culture with his music.
While the woman was taken away, Michael came up with Billie Jean and that ensured his spot in history instantly!
Its unique video and feat-tapping beats are universally recognizable… This is MJ’s trademark creation! The gentle singing and sincere emotion make it an instant classic- a song that Michael himself claims he is most proud of.

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