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You want to be over this person and be over this person for good and as long as you are sure that you don’t want to be with this person again, I don’t support any means that might bring both of you together again. The feeling of guilt can be a strong motivator that can cause her to want to be friends with you. There is also another possibility that your ex has commitment phobia and when this is the case preferring to be friends with you might just be the case. When your ex is sure that both of you are not 100% match, deciding that you become friends can be the next option.
There is also another possibility that your ex wants to take revenge and is still angry with you over the breakup. If someone is not sure of her relationship decisions like breaking up with her partner, one way she uses in keeping her options open is by asking that you both become friends and see how it goes. These are just some of the reasons why your ex-girlfriend might want to be friends with you after breaking up with you. About Ejike John, Ejike John is a student of human characters and behaviors, a blogger, programmer, web developer and a lover of music. So I agreed to come over to her place a couple of nights ago, figuring that whatever she wanted me to do so that she could get even, it couldn’t be that bad. She wanted me to put on one of her old costumes, which happened to be this sort of slutty Alice In Wonderland outfit and model it for her. So up until last night I was kind of relieved that she had finally had her revenge and we were totally even.
Her revenge is retarded anyway, since I don’t feel any worse about all of the things I did to her. Like I said, I don’t regret anything I did to her, so you can call me an ass if you want but your probably just as crazy as she is. During the 18th century, the French and the British introduced humane treatment of the clinically insane, though the criteria for diagnosis and placement in an asylum were considerably looser than today, often including such conditions as Speech disorder [speech impediments], epilepsy and depression. I hope she makes you into the girliest girl possible full time.I hope she makes it so that you can never look in the mirror and see a man ever again. I have absolutely no idea what I would do if I were you, but if blackmailing is higher up on the list than whatever illegal stuff was in the pictures, then tell your lawyer or whoever you can. I would go over there, and talk to her about an arrangement that would get you off the hook with those pictures. Get a lawyer, and have her sign a written contract that she’ll never publicize the pics.
The awful truth of your situation is that sometimes, there are simply times in one’s life where one has got to change cities to leave a shambles like that.

Get a hacker into her accounts and steal any other copies from her place next time she calls you over. If you are willing to be worried about this for the rest of your life then do what she says.
I have to agree with some of the other people on here that I really don’t want to help you. I think you just really hurt her with what you did and I think that she knows you dont care.. I think you’re lucky,as there are much worse things she could do to you,you sound like a real wanker!!!
Tell her shes harrasing you and you will have your lawyer all over her house and family if she keeps cunting around.
Coming back as a friend can be with the intention of getting you attached to her again so that she can leave. There a great chance that she has every intention of coming back to under the right condition.
I repeatedly cheated on her, treated her like crap and when I broke up with her I told her to just go get a life and leave me alone for now on.
I was completely shocked at how completely weird that request is and I refused at first, but then she showed me proof that she had some of those photos digitally backed up online. But she called me again last night to tell me that she wants me to come over next Saturday to do similar things with one of her friends there. Is there a way to keep her from doing this, or should I just let it happen and hope that she’ll get bored?
It wasn’t just because I looked and felt ridiculous, it was because I looked a little too much like an actual girl with all of that on.
If you cheated on her repeatedly, most likely she is really REALLY mad at you (I would be) and wants serious revenge. She sounds unstable enough to show those pics to her friends you work with anyway, and unless you work in the government nothing you do outside of work on your own time should impact your performance at work, nor should it get you fired. She probably has them backed up in many places, so she’ll always be able to get to them. You shouldn’t have been doing illegal things in the first place and to let someone film it, sounds like your getting what you deserve! If she is that self-absorbed and thinks she is the first person to ever be cheated on and she must get revenge, so be it.
Sounds like having to dress up like a girl is a pretty fitting punishment for someone like you.

I am not saying that you both should become enemies but I think that you need your space so that you can avoid every opportunity for the reenacting of emotions again.
So I went ahead and put on the costume, pretending it was funny instead of just freaking me out.
Sure, she was innocent in the situation before and it does make me kind of a bad guy for doing it, but she’s not the innocent one in the situation now.
Any guy in here would be able to understand how messed up it is to feel like your masculinity is being stolen away from you. It’s your fault for cheating on her, treating her like crap and generally being a douche.
Tell her about how bad you feel about treating her that way, that you know it was a really dick move on your part, and that you take back all the nasty things you said to her when you broke up.
No one in life is perfect and all these lil good girls on here talking about you deserve this and that… please you chicks cheat all the time too. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time. A part of me thinks maybe it might be worth it to just let her do this for a while and hope that she’ll get bored of it or just let it go. Be careful that she’s not video taping you during this, because it could just be a device to embarrass you further. But the point is that she is trying to use those pictures as blackmail to get me to do whatever she wants. After having me do some pretty weird stuff like dancing, singing and acting stuff out for her, she eventually let me change back into my clothes and go home.
You should refuse to go over to her house anymore, otherwise she will just take pictures again and you will have pics of you doing not only illegal but also embarassing things.
I’d rather put a creepy vid of my dirty rotten ex up on myspace than put him out of a job. And nobody you work with should say anything to you, otherwise you can go to HR and claim they are harassing you based on information about your personal life.

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