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Rent-sharing is quite common for cash-strapped students, but what about girlfriend-sharing? In the heat of the moment, one man decided he would lease his girlfriend in order to make enough money to buy the iPhone 6.
The contract includes everything but sexual acts, according to the handwritten signs the man held up. The image of the desperate man and his offer have been making the rounds on Weibo, a Chinese social networking website. Francois Ozon's humorous psychological drama The New Girlfriend stars Anais Demoustier as Claire, a young woman whose closest friend since childhood, Lea, passes away leaving behind a husband, David (Romain Duris) and a newborn baby. While flirting with camp, Francois Ozon's The New Girlfriend offers thoughtful -- and humorous -- commentary on sexual and gender identity.

The New Girlfriend is a funny, delicate, subtly flavored dish deliciously prepared by Francois Ozon - idiosyncratic and unforgettable. While there is occasional delight of artful satire, fanciful farce, psychological undercurrent and political breadth, it soon becomes evident, as the intricate subplots and subtexts unfold, Ozon has rather overstretched himself again.
Ozon, perhaps not entirely purposely, addresses the very timely issue of trans and non-binary gender identity, yet he does it within the framework of his usual style and preoccupations - and shortchanges neither.
Duris in drag looks like a refugee from the New York Dolls, but his character aspires to nothing more than life as a bourgeois, pearl-clad mom. Duris delivers a profoundly sensitive performance without a hint of stereotype in this impressive drama that understands the complexity of sexuality despite a few narrative missteps especially in the second half (the scene with Duris and Personnaz in the shower is nonsensical).
You will no longer be able to watch this title on Flixster or any other UltraViolet service.

Street this month, according to documents filed with the Franklin County recordera€™s office. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated. He explains that Lea was well aware of his predilection, and eventually, so relieved that he has someone to share his secret with, David and Claire create a female persona for him named Virginia. As David begins to identify more strongly as Virginia, this leads to confusing and conflicting feelings in Claire, and causes a rift between Claire and her husband (Raphael Personnaz).

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