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When my friends at MomCentral found out how many Banquet chicken nuggets my daughter consumes in a typical week (WAY TOO MANY!), they thought I wouldn't mind sharing a new promotion from Banquet Meals with you.
I priced these meals out at both Wal-Mart and Publix and both stores carried them for around $1.
But it did involve standing around and watching some random Kiwanis member make us 6 pancakes the size of our plate. But it did involved us sitting together while we ate those pancakes and sausages, talking about whatever came to mind. And while in some ways she is right, Bruce and I have managed to go on more "date nights" since Mary was born 5 months ago than I think we did in the entire 12 months prior.
No matter how you and your spouse find ways to spend time together, I know we can all agree on how important it is. I am not sure how they are defining "Top Couple," but I think we might have a shot at it so long as it is okay to have disagreements about parenting, finances, and who is the better driver.

For a twist on the candy bar idea, buy conversation hearts and write a letter to your loved one. If he travels and likes to keep himself nice, this genuine leather case for his razors is very affordable.
We don't eat too many frozen meals around here, but I do keep some on hand for lunches or crazy nights when there just isn't time for a big messy kitchen. I find it disarms the target a little bit to see so much hostility from a girl with a flower in her hair. She mentioned that Bruce and I probably don't get much alone time together these days and that she was happy to spend time with Charlotte and Mary while we went out. Part of that was because, before Mary was born, we had found ways to have dates at home, after Charlotte went to bed. Sometimes a shared sandwich and bag of chips is better for talking than the much-hyped candlelight steak dinner.

Now that we always have Mary downstairs with us in the evenings, seeking attention or food, we have to work harder to steal moments alone.
Insert the little candy hearts that say things like “HUG ME” “ALL MINE” and “LET’S KISS” along the way.
This one is very manly and kinda cool for him to whip out of his pocket when his lips are dry. All his favourites: Guinness, Newcastle Brown Ale, Sam Adams Boston Lager, Dogfish Head 90min IPA, Brooklyn Lager, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale.
There's a heap of quirky stuff he'd love to receive tomorrow (or at a later stage if you've been naughty and forgotten him) for Valentine's Day, including a toy gun that will squirt soap on his body in the shower.

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