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I thought her statement was rather profound, then realized that in many ways it also applied to me. As the son of a Methodist preacher in northwest Texas, we moved from parsonage to parsonage every two or three years. I still didna€™t realize how different it must be not to move on a regular basis until later in my school career when I started making friends with people who had a€?gone to school together all their lives.a€? Ita€™s great to have a friend, but how do you compete with relationships that are as old as you are? Mom recovered, arrangements were made, and I was able to finish my high school career in the same school I started it.

No matter how long I live in a place now, there will always be references to people and events that preceded my existence in the memories of the locals. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to watch some kids grow up, and even more grateful that Facebook has allowed me to continue to follow some of them.
I thought her statement was rather profound, then realized that in many ways it also applied to me.A  I have lived most of my life in an a€?outside doga€? type of existence.
My family and I have known more good people than the locals will ever have the opportunity to meet.

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