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Tag what you see on the picture : clothes, celebrities, bloggers, series, movies and brands. Men in Thailand and men here in Malaysia are relatively similar, not in looks but in the personality department. The jet-setting stewardess of Filipino-Chinese descent brings sexy back into our Girlfriend pages with a shoot that flaunts her proficiency at handling large tools. An alliance of Malaysia, Thailand, Germany and the United Kingdom has come together to create the stunning Aishah Holterhoff, your Girlfriend for October. Tapping into her love for James Bond, November’s girlfriend, May Li brought our vision for the perfect Bond girl to life.
We don’t remember much about preschool, but if we had a teacher as hot as Janice, we would have paid way more attention. Sharp Oriental eyes meet long European limbs to make our March Girlfriend page that much hotter. She has mad abs, is in pursuit of a degree in physiotheraphy and has a thing for the book Fifty Shades of Grey. Pageant queen, actress, blogger and occasional model are just a few of the accolades our Girlfriend for this month can boast.

Influential influencers influenced a butt load of people to converge in Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre in December and here are the winners. Girls who love to read and cherish their favorite quotes in diaries, can do much more to treasure them. If you too love tattoos and are looking for a quote tattoo, here we have an assortment of picture with the best quote tattoo for girls. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Pink Tattoos, Heart Tattoos For Girls, Awesome Tattoos and Star Tattoos On Foot.
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So it’s fun for me to understand how the media portrays it all and the mechanisms behind it.

I find men in Thailand more outgoing to clubs or bars, whereas men in Malaysia tend to enjoy sitting in the mamak or relaxing doing shisha.
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Before I graduated high school, I actually wasn’t sure what I wanted to study in university. But luckily I found the right one (with some help from my teachers, family and my own research of course!) and yes, it’s just as fun as it sounds.

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