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February 3, 2011 28 Comments MTV’s Hollywood Crush has a great story up in how it is that the movie The Girlfriend, co-starring Jackson Rathbone, is looking for further funding.
The hero from Prison Break, Wentworth Miller, visited the National Grand Theater in Beijing, China. They live together and they go shopping together, but are Avril Lavigne and Ryan Cabrera dating or not?
Niall Horan and Katy Perry have put an end to their persistent flirting by publicly declaring their intention to marry after hooking up in Japan, but John Mayer needna€™t be alarmed a€“ it was just for laughs. The 20-year-old originally posted the offer after watching her perform current single Roar on The X Factor, and he got his answer during their reunion on Friday.
She appears as the Queen of the jungle in the video for her hit single Roar, and it seems Katy Perry has gained a taste for all things exotic, as on Friday she was spotted in this wild zebra print dress.
The 29-year-old singer, who is currently in Japan promoting her new album, wore the bodycon tank dress for an appearance on Japanese TV.
When it comes to animal print, leopard patterns usually rule the roost, but why not take some fashion inspiration from Katy and experiment with a zebra design?

Sporting a tight leopard print mini-dress, Katy cups Nialla€™s face in one hand while he leans in for a sneaky peck on the cheek. Speaking after his televised smooch with Katy, Niall raved: a€? It was amazing and very purple - she had purple lipstick on. Therein lies the dilemma for a complex, artistic, intelligent film like ours,” they wrote. It’s an 100% authentic,  8 X 10 glossy New Moon photo autographed by Kristen Stewart. The film has a positive message about people with Down’s Syndrome, and actor Evan Schneider does a wonderful job!
Wentworth maybe isn't the perkiest of the Hollywood-stars but we can almost see a smile on his face when he stands by the river.
The Irish heartthrob is currently in Tokyo with his One Direction band-mates ahead of the final two shows on their 100-date Take Me Home World tour. Their evident chemistry dates back to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2012, when Niall stole a kiss from the 29-year-old after she presented the Best Pop Video gong to One Direction for What Makes You Beautiful.

I have a 21-year-old brother who has Downs and I know this is going to be a tear jerker for me.
With Katy also in town to promote new album Prism, the pair wasted no time in catching up a€“ and Niall later confirmed that shea€™d accepted the marriage proposal he sent her via Twitter. Also the signatures look pretty good because it wasn’t signed in a rush, great collector’s item! We have categorized all quotes with different topics and tags like love quotes, inspirational, motivational, life, friendship, success, smile, achievement and belief quotes. Everyone love good meaningful quotes so share famous picture quotes with your friends and loved one.Our mission is to motivate, boost self confiedence and inspire people to Love life, live life and surf life with words.

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