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When Facebook first implemented some of its new recommendation features, a lot of people found their ex’s photo albums, profiles and other updates ended up in that sidebar more often than not. Google Chrome extension Eternal Sunshine hides anyone you choose from nearly every corner of Facebook, including your news feed, profile updates, photo updates, suggested photo albums, and Facebook Chat (both the list and mosaic). Just hit the link below to install the Chrome extension, then visit the profile of the person you want to hide. I'd say most users of facebook that read Giz would use a fair bit of mobile facebook, therefore anything that isn't built in is useless.

Personally I'd like to be able to hide annoying people, and applications from mobile facebook. Or better yet, a "hide all applications" button, there's always one douche canoe on your friends list who managed to find a new app you haven't blocked before to spam you with each and every day. Our red planetary neighbour will soon be even closer and brighter as Mars is set to be in opposition, which will put it at its closest distance from the Earth since 2005. It’s a nice way to keep them out of your face without outright unfriending or blocking them. Grab their username or user ID number from the URL of their profile page (it will only display one or the other), and paste it into Eternal Sunshine.

On its YouTube channel, Lofty Pursuits, a confectionery and ice cream shop in the US, makes lollies the old-fashioned way. But since then, the technologies involved have been vastly improved (see mobile phone towers) and a company called Wayv in the UK is finally using them to shrink the microwaves.

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