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Take a moment to think about who you blame for your feelings of hurt, anger, resentment, aloneness, emptiness, loneliness, helplessness, inadequacy, shame, depression, anxiety, fear, and so on. Many people have a strong belief that other people are the cause of their feelings - that they are victims of others’ choices - so they have a right to blame others. If you have a deep belief that others cause your feelings, then it seems only right to blame them for causing your pain or not making you happy. Blame is always a form of control that originates in the wounded part of oneself that hates to feel helpless. For example, let’s say that you come home after a difficult day wanting to share your day with your partner and your partner is on the phone. If this is what you say to yourself, then of course you will feel hurt and angry, but it is not because of what your partner is doing - it is because of what you are telling yourself. If this is what you say to yourself, then you would not end up feeling hurt and angry, and you would not blame and punish your partner. Doesn’t it seem logical that your anger and hurt are coming from your partner’s judgment of you? Blaming another is always a way to avoid responsibility for what you are telling yourself and how you are treating yourself that is causing your feelings.
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Arras is a WordPress theme designed for news or review sites with lots of customisable features. The belief that others cause your feelings generally starts early in childhood when parents blamed each other, or you, for their feelings.
When you come from this belief, the only way you can move out of feeling like a victim is to try to control the other person into not doing the thing that you think is causing your pain, or to do the thing that you think will make you happy. Rather than accept your powerlessness over others’ choices, you convince yourself that if you blame the other person, you can get the other to behave the way you want.

You have picked up something at the hardware store for the house and your partner blames you for getting the wrong thing, saying, “This is not what I told you to get.
You feel hurt at being treated badly and you lash out in blame, “I just got what you told me to get. The point is not to balance all of our responsibilities at one time, but to focus our attention on what matters most at different times or seasons in our lives. I am far from that life now, but growing up in that culture, with those beliefs and distinct ideology did provide a unique perspective.
Above all, I treasure the art of communication and believe in it's power to raise our collective consciousness for the betterment of human evolution. Most people do not grow up seeing parents or other caregivers take responsibility for causing or for nurturing their own feelings. If you end up feeling hurt and angry, it is easy to believe that it is your partner’s neglect that is causing your hurt and anger.
This new understanding will help readers let go of misplaced priorities and relieve their overbooked lifestyle. But let’s take two different inner reactions to see what is really causing these feelings.
Instead, they see people avoiding their feelings in various ways, such as using addictions to numb them out, or using blame to dump them onto others.

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