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The author of some of our favorite YA fiction titles -- like "The Fault in Our Stars," "Paper Towns" and "Looking for Alaska" -- also happens to be the source of an endless supply of inspirational one-liners and passages that describe life as a teen perfectly. We've gathered 20 Tumblr-created John Green photo quotes that make us feel, well, all the feels. If you've just received a small envelope in the mail, allow yourself a little time to be disappointed, mope around, and perhaps eat some ice cream -- but before you get caught in a downward spiral of self-doubt, consider all the reasons that a rejection just isn't the end of the world.
You may think that going to the University of your First Choice is the only path to future success in your career and personal life, but in reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. Your dream school may be the most prestigious on your list (and the most fun to name-drop), but that doesn't mean it's where you'll be happiest. The important thing to remember when dealing with rejection is not to give it the power to make you doubt yourself. We know it's hard to believe that when you've just been given a big fat "NO," but things really do happen for a reason. Although some of our favorite cultural icons and stars achieved major succes while still in their teen years (Taylor Swift, we're looking at you), some of the greatest game-changers of all time have been late bloomers. My best friend’s birthday is approaching, like it’s less than a week to go and I’m VERY excited, more than I’ve ever been on my own birthday actually which is pretty unusual but it’s alright, it’s her.
Then in tenth grade we were shuffled into different sections and I started dating and we grew apart, not so much but well a bit. Words are superfluous to describe what this remarkable man did for our country and I’ll be surprised to find someone who doesn’t hold a special place for him in their heart. He touched many lives with his wisdom and love and we are thankful to have such a fantastic role model to look up to. To make the long story short, each of us has a certain sleep requirement every night that we need to keep us functioning at our optimal level.
We can think of sleep debt like a growing weight over us that we have to carry around throughout the day.
For instance, if you need 9 hours of sleep every day, but you end up sleeping for only 6 hours each day for a week, you would have effectively incurred a sleep debt of (9-6) x 7 = 21 hours. Imagine the lives that could have been saved if each of these people had gotten more sleep. When information about sleep need, sleep deprivation, and sleep debt is presented superficially or ineffectively, most people come away with the idea that they are being urged to spend several additional hours in bed every night for the rest of their lives. The only solution is to try to catch up on your sleep more often, on a consistent basis, in order to reduce your sleep debt further.
However, over a recent holiday break, I tried catching up on my sleep, and it has worked wonders. Most importantly, I am getting my healthy 8 hours of sleep every day and am not prone to potentially fatal accidents that may be a result of my sleep deprivation!
After all, why would you, or anyone for that matter, want to live a life where you are not operating at peak alertness and potential? We made this site as a call to action for people all over the world to live healthier, happier, safer, and more productive lives by learning about their own sleep.
In it you'll find a more detailed account of the most important things you need to know about sleep, alertness, dreams, and sleep disorders. A revolution in personal sleep tracking, the Zeo is a wireless headband that transmits your brainwaves in realtime to a dock (pictured here) or your smartphone.
The information found on this page and throughout this site is intended for general information purposes only. Spend the next hour and a half entertaining said toddler and somehow trying to get dressed and make my lunch. Just ask Tumblr, where there seem to be photo quotes from his books, YouTube videos and interviews abound. Fellow Nerdfighters, click through the slideshow below and tell us, which one is your favorite? Our weekly "Hey, It's OK!" series is here to remind you of all things you SHOULDN'T be worried about, no matter who tells you otherwise! But getting rejected is a simple fact of life, and none of us are immune to being turned down.
Scroll through the list below for five reasons it's OK (and heck, maybe even a good thing) that you didn't get into your dream school. Prospective employers will care about what you did with the education you received -- and the ways you showed initiative and passion -- not the ranking your school holds in the U.S. A recent study from MyEdu found that many college students are taking non-traditional paths through their education, including switching their majors multiple times and looking to alternative learning experiences like study abroad, mentorships and internships.

Remember that wherever you go, you'll have the opportunity to make lifelong friends, explore your interests, have new experiences and get a great education. And not only is it inevitable, but it's also a perfectly fine and sometimes even positive thing.
Scott Fitzgerald, "You'd have a decent book if you got rid of that Gatsby character." Can you imagine if Fitzgerald has taken his criticism to heart? Like the writers listed above, countless leaders endured a stream of rejections before becoming successful -- and the reason that they were able to find success is that they didn't let failure shake their belief in themselves. One college counselor wrote in the New York Times about getting rejected form his dream school, and said this of how things played out: "I would most likely not have chosen my profession, lived where I do or valued the same engagements.
And hey, if Taylor Swift can get rejected by Harry Styles and still land on her feet, you can handle a rejection from your dream college and still come out on top.
Van Gogh didn't even start painting until he was in his late 20s, Julia Child didn't learn to cook until she was 40, and Harrison Ford didn't get his big break in movies until he starred in "Star Wars" at 35. So this is wholly and solely to declare my love for the one woman who I call mine in every sense of the word, and very proudly so.
But somehow our friendship has never been about how much we talk or we much time we spend together.
Celebrate the legacy left behind by Mandela this heritage month and, if you find yourself in Cape Town, pay a visit to Robben Island or at least bask in its presence from the deck of a sunset boat cruise. This is precisely the reason why many of us are constantly tired in the daytime, why five alarm clocks and ten snooze alarms are ineffective in getting us out of bed and why Dreamland beckons when we least expect it.
When we fall short of the minimal sleep requirement we incur a sleep debt that prevents us from functioning at our best. If I did that for 2 weeks--just 2 weeks!--I would have incurred a sleep debt of a WHOPPING 42 HOURS! No one in their right mind would do that consciously, but many people end up doing just that subconsciously when they are deprived of sleep.
Well, readin this page is a fantastic start, but you really should also make sure you know the meaning of Drowsiness Is Red Alert. Imagine that anyone, including you, could have wound up a fatality statistic like them just because of not getting an adequate amount of sleep.
Yes, by sleeping more than the daily requirement, you are essentially reducing the amount of sleep debt you have. Assuming, for instance, that you had a sleep debt of 30 hours and your daily sleep requirement is 9 hours, an increase of 3 hours of sleep in one day would only reduce your sleep debt to 27 hours, which is still a sizeable amount.
You will know it when you have reduced it enough because you will feel yourself being much more alert throughout the day than you used to be.
I am taking the maximum course load right now, much more work than I used to have, but I am a week ahead in my readings, and I finish my assignments at least half a week before they are due.
We have faith that reading the information provided on this site will motivate you to be smart about your sleep deprivation and strategic about your alertness in order to live life to your fullest, most energetic potential. While it may prove useful and empowering, it is NOT intended as a substitute for the expertise and judgments of healthcare practitioners. With your career and future seemingly on the line, college rejection can be particularly difficult to cope with.
These experiences and others can help you to determine what you want from your education and your future career. There's a good chance you'll end up loving wherever you go, but if you don't, keep in mind that you're not stuck there -- if your school really isn't working out, transferring is always an option.
Failure can help us to grow, learn to deal with challenges, and find out what we're really made of. Not that I don’t do it enough because I do it all the time, but because it’s her birthday, And because I’ve promised to make every birthday of hers special till we’re 80, or till I drop dead. I know I’m going to feel the exact same way about her even if I see her ten years down the line and we haven’t spoken even a bit.
To her I could be a mother, a friend, a sister and a completely unbiased stranger too if she needs advice.
It was the puffy-eyed, nose-blowing, this-mascara-is-supposed-to-be-waterproof kind of crying.
This debt, if not adressed, can add up over time, very rapidly, and significantly alter our productivity, mood, and even our safety. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, drowsy driving results in around 100,000 automobile wrecks each year--and that number is conservative, for fatigue often plays a major role in many accidents where it is not officially documented. If you owed $5 a year ago and you never paid up, you can be sure that the credit card company will chase you down for every single cent of it (and the interest is all the productivity you lost in the meantime).

The many nights of extra long sleep which are required to pay back a very large sleep debt should not be equated with a permanent, lifelong need for this amount of sleep. I used to be a college student who felt that I did not have enough time to study and get good grades, let alone join student group or be social. I feel so happy every single day doing my work and being able to concentrate on what I am doing. But few know the actual causes of this phenomenon, and fewer still how to exert control over it. As April approaches and decision letters go out to high school seniors across the country, thousands of future freshmen will have to face the reality of things not turning out the way they had hoped they would. So if you think that successful people never get rejected, think again: Success actually has more to do with how you deal with failure than anything else. As it is it’s very hard for me to not say what I feel and when it comes to her this urge increases manifolds. I was gallivanting around Australia with my mother at the time and the amount of coverage the news got on the radio, television and in newspaper was astounding. It consumes your mind with thoughts about beds, pillows and bolsters at times when you badly need to concentrate on what your boss is telling you. And I'm sure I am retaining a whole lot more of it than I would if I were glossing through it with sleepy eyes. Do that for at least a week, make it two if you feel drastically sleep deprived, and you will notice the drastic change in your life - simply due to the simple yet beneficial step of sleeping MORE. Dream researcher and sleep paralysis expert Ryan Hurd shares breakthrough insights into how to do just that. One thing that successful people do have in common is that they never let failure deter them. I’ve known her for 7 years now, and strangely enough we spoke for the first time on her birthday too so I remember that very clearly. She was too reserved, I was new in the school, and her friends at the time, well, she had some fancy tastes. Still, I don’t think I’d ever be mad at her for not trying to contact me, I wouldn’t be able to complain. Wherever I went I was surrounded by the words of a great man that had reached and inspired people all over the world. Most importantly, it shuts down your eyelids when you least expect it, putting you at risk for accidents (especially on the road) that can be fatal. I would drag myself out of bed every morning, entertaining thoughts of skipping class just for that day in exchange for more time with my pillow and bed. Seeing as it’s heritage month, I thought I’d share some of my favourite Mandela quotes with you. Because wherever she’d be I’d sincerely hope to god that she’s doing great, and there isn’t a single wish of hers that goes unfulfilled. Plus I had come from a smaller town, I didn’t know the ways of the big city and I was lost. So basically, we started talking during our tests in school because our roll numbers were together so we’d cheat from each other.
And then we went on to get closer as we played stupid Truth Dare and Stare games during lunch breaks on in free periods. We were together in the next class too, and we’d sit together and chit chat and play games, and we had this big nerd group, but we managed to somehow incorporate stupid girly fights in that too.
But there’s this unconditional kind of affection that I feel for her that’s free of all the envy hatred jealousy and any negative feeling there is. You know those times when you look at a person and they’re happy and you just know that you could do anything to keep them that way. And it’s a very one in a million kind of a feeling because I don’t think you get to feel something like that very often.
Years have passed; we’ve had some beautiful memories, and only one little stupid fight that I can remember.
And maybe I get a little insecure for the same reason sometimes because she’s showered with love from left, right and centre that sometimes I begin to feel like I hope I don’t lose her to someone.

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