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Your next objective lies far to the west, in the desert from which Ganondorf himself hails.
Unfortunately the Gerudo don’t take kindly to intruders - as soon as you set foot in their fortress they’ll arrest you! Head out the door at the other end of the chamber and you’ll find yourself back outside. Peer around the corner here with L-targeting and shoot the guard when her back is turned, then enter the door she’s guarding. Wait for the guard to walk by and take her out with an arrow, then run over to the jail cell at the end of the hallway. Now you can try your hand at the Optional Secrets now open to you, including the Gerudo Training Grounds mini-dungeon, but your objective lies through the west gate. From there you’ll enter the sandstorm - follow the flags posted throughout the desert to avoid getting lost. Follow the Poe spirit closely, watching out when it stops and abruptly switches directions so as not to get lost. You know what to do - use the Prelude of Light to get back to the Temple of Time and replace the Master Sword in its pedestal to return to the past.
This quiver, which you earned from getting a high score at the Gerudo Horseback Archery Range, increases your arrow count to the max limit! Blast through the cracked wall along the northern cliffs near the Desert Colossus and you’ll uncover a hidden Great Fairy Fountain.
To get there, head to Gerudo Valley and cross over the broken bridge using either your Longshot or a jump from Epona.
Inside, fight another Gerudo Guard to free the second of the four carpenters and head outside.
One last Gerudo Guard will appear, and once you’ve fought her off you can free the final carpenter.

You can use it to gain access to the desert and the horseback shooting range, as well as anywhere in the Fortress. Your Hover Boots will protect you from sinking, but you can also use your Longshot on the crate on the far side to cross. If you have a hard time seeing them, just play the Song of Storms and the lightning will help them stand out against the swirling sands.
From there, getting to the Spirit Temple is as simple as playing the Requiem of Spirit and letting yourself get whisked away.
You need to get both quiver upgrades to be able to hold 50, so make sure you get the previous one also. Screenshots will eventually be replaced with 3DS version images, which are not presently available for hopefully obvious reasons. Luckily they don’t take any of your equipment, so you can use your Longshot on the wooden board hanging over the cell window to get up and out.
Their jump attack will stun you, giving them a chance to capture you and return you to your cell.
Off to the left is a bridge leading to a strange man on a flying magic carpet who will sell them Bombchus if you want them.
After awhile you’ll reach a great stone structure rising up in the middle of the desert.
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From the sill, point your Fairy Bow at the nearest guard on the ground and let an arrow fly.
She’s tough, but if you fight her with a similar strategy to the one you use against Stalfos you should do fine. Pick her off with an arrow from afar, then run up to the exit immediately on the right a little ways down the hall.

She recognizes that you have tons of potential as a thief, so she invites you to be the first man accepted into the all-female Gerudo clan. Grab Skulltula Token 91 from inside, then climb on top of it and use the Lens of Truth to spot the spirit guide you’ll need to take you the rest of the way.
You can’t actually get very far yet, but read the tablet inscriptions to either side of the stairs - one talks of entering the temple as a child, and the other of a power of silver that you can use as an adult. In 1913, he enrolled at Princeton University and dedicated himself to writing, although he dropped out of school in 1917 to join the army.
Comments that we regard as obscene, defamatory, or intended to incite violence will be removed. This will stun her, giving you an opening to drop down and enter the first door on the left.
Beware her charged jump attack, for if it hits home she’ll send you right back to your cell. You don’t have any kind of silver power yet, so your next move must be to return here as a child.
While training in Alabama, he fell in love with Zelda Sayre, the daughter of a justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama. Fitzgerald’s life began a steady deterioration after this book’s publication as he spiraled into alcoholism and faced long spells of writer’s block. Meanwhile, Zelda suffered mental health issues and was committed into several mental health clinics.

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