We are an authorized Dock-in-a-Box dealer and can help you build the right dock for your waterfront.
At Northern Leisure Marine, we are here to serve all your cottage needs, so stop by and see us today!
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Ski boats, runabouts, and other small boats come in many sizes and shapes, and the requirements for protective boat covers are many and varied.  Contact Jan or Mike at Black Dog Design, Inc.
Just like other types of boats, good fitting covers are important for PWCs, especially when they are not stored under the cover of a garage or shed. This custom drop skirt blends with the manufacturers covers and protects the sides of the boat from its nose all around, including the swim platform. Much of Black Dog Design’s work can be seen in this photograph of sailboats at Mountain Harbor. The photograph above shows boat covers, bimini tops and frames, mainsail covers, line bags, helm covers, and even a cover to protect the boat name on the stern from the elements.

The custom covers on this Hunter sailboat not only protect the mainsail, cockpit and bimini, but there is also a cover to protect the boat’s artwork on its stern! All projects are custom and require careful measurement and the making of patterns prior to cutting and sewing the fabrics. This was a special order barge from Veranda Boat Company whose customer wanted to be able to use the boat in all seasons.  Veranda came to Black Dog Design to provide this special enclosure. The clear enclosure with replaceable screen panels allow the owners of this party barge to enjoy it all year!
Screened panels can replace the clear windows in the enclosure for bug-free breezes in the summertime.
The wonderful thing about clear enclosures is how easily they heat up with very little sun in cold weather. The very sweet couple who bought this new boat wanted us to make a boat cover to protect their new toy. After the cover was complete, they decided to add a drop skirt for the side from nose to stern to cover the entire starboard side for sun protection.
The skirt is removable for towing the boat, yet the boat can be towed at highway speeds with the cover in place. Our customers purchased this fine cruiser, but they were not happy with the canvas work that came with it. This snap-on, tight-fitting tonneau cover is secure enough for the boat to be towed at highway speeds. The cover fits securely enough that the boat can be towed at highway speeds with the cover in place.
We were able to style the additional skirt to work with what he had.  Click on a photo below to see larger images of this project. This cover features ratchets instead of snaps to quickly and easily secure the cover over the entire barge’s body. This particular customer asked for an extra zip-on section in the back to protect the pontoon area as well. THIS IS NOT A KIT!    THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A HAND CRAFTED READY TO RUN (RTR) PT BOAT LIKE THIS IN THE WORLD!  NO BUILDING REQUIRED.
Take a short hop across the Carrick Roads from Falmouth to the chic fishing village of St Mawes, home of Olga Polizzi’s famous Hotel Tresanton. Cool Places celebrates the glorious diversity of Great Britain, promoting the very best places to sleep, eat, drink, see, and shop.

Sign up for Cool Places to find out about the very best UK hotels, cafes, pubs, restaurants and shops - and review them yourself. Everything from boats, jet-ski’s, ATV, RV’s, snowmobiles and golf carts, we have new stock arriving weekly!
Bimini frames can be fabricated according to customers’ wishes and the space available on the boat.
The great thing about screen or scrim panels is that there is airflow through the boat, but bugs cannot get in. And, this cover is basically as easy to use as a regular cover, only it has more fabric involved. The cover actually ratchets under the bottom rail of the boat and covers the entire body as well as the motor.
You can take a tour around St Mawes Castle, laze on two beautiful sheltered beaches, enjoy a meal or drink by the harbour and browse a handful of arty boutiques. We particularly love the independent businesses that make the UK unique, from artisan bakers to farm shops, canoe trips to gastronomic tours, cool cafes to high-end restaurants and the tiniest B&B to the grandest boutique hotel.
Our services include a fully fenced storage facility where we can winterize and store your boat for the best price in the Kawarthas, as well as a licensed marine mechanic on site to do repairs on all brands of boats!
The customer shipped the clear panels back to Black Dog Design, and they were used for a pattern to make the screen enclosure panels. The scrim also has a sun protection factor and is a good choice for people who have sun issues yet still need to be out on the water with nature. COMP (COMPOSITE) PHOTOS ARE MADE AVAILABLE FOR LEGITIMATE CLIENTS ONLY FOR THEIR LAYOUT PURPOSES BEFORE LICENSING AN IMAGE AND MAY NOT BE DOWNLOADED BY THE GENERAL PUBLIC AS FREE PHOTOGRAPHY. FEDERAL COURT WHERE YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO PAYMENT OF STATUTORY DAMAGES OF UP TO $150,000 PER PHOTOGRAPH, AS WELL AS COURT COSTS AND ATTORNEYS’ FEES.

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