Have your workshop installed on arrival with our 10x6 workshop installation.The 10x6 workshop installation can also be fitted quickly and efficiently.
Two glazed windows are made from perspex which is an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to glass.
Solid sheet materials are used in the construction of floor and roof boards, this allows the Timber to be reinforced, strong and sturdy. Manufactured from pressure treated timber, giving this 8x6 wooden shed a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay.A deluxe heavy duty wooden shed with the added advantage of an integral undercover storage area all from one building! The teignmouth shed is built from 12mm finish size wooden cladding, and the frame work is made from 27x45mm timber it is a quite heavy duty shed that will last for a long time.

This building really will suit any back garden delivery times are aprox 3 weeks from order date.
Bearers on the underneath of the shed raise it up to prevent it sitting on damp ground which helps to prevent rotting from occurring. The overlapping timber construction of the shed is reinforced by 28mm x 28mm interior framing for permanence and this type of shed is durable in weather and as a storage area.
Roofing felt on the exterior prevents rainwater from weathering the roof and making it weaker.
The feather edge overlap boards and slanted pent roof allows rainwater to drip away from the interior.

The floor and roof is made from high quality, solid sheet material and makes this shed sturdy.
If you’re looking for a high quality shed with great design, then this shed is worth the investment.s.

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