The cubes are great because you can also create a large unit of organization for other things as well. I've sen people rave about these cubes for a couple years and never understood how they made them.
Thanks so much for the idea and the great directions - I think I can actually make one of these!I currently use some of the sterilite stackable drawer units, but I find them to be cumbersome sometimes when trying to find just the right sheet of paper. My grandmother did this about 20 years ago to organise her paperwork in her home office--works well if you remember to pull the zipties really tight. We are a group of avid papercrafters who report on and review everything from adhesives to trimmers to big ticket personal cutting systems. We pride ourselves on being great hosts, but guests have limited access to some of our incredible artwork, our lively forums and other super cool features of the site!
Instead omaking 4 cubes like your supposed to I put together one cute and use the extra panels as shelves ( tied on with tiny zip ties) then your 12 X12 fits perfectly. It was then requested for use on another crafting blog and was featured there within a month or two afterwards.
Thanks for the simple clear instructions.I store my paper vertically right now but it's true if those things are full enough the paper gets ruined. I, too, have parts for these wire cubes lying around at home, and I can't wait to assemble one of these storage solutions!

I've been using one of these cube systems since my college days, and I've never been able to part with it. Currently I have just one alternative that charges me around 100$ for 3 boxes without the connectors.
It was written by me, for my own blog, and therefore I am the author and sole owner of this tutorial.
My only question and concern is I am wondering if this could accommodate for vertical storage? I've always thought, "Too bad they don't make these for scrapping; they're the perfect size." AND LOOK NOW!! I never would have thought of this on my own.Each time I have posted this many people comment that they have never heard of it, so I think it's definately an oldie but goodie!
I currently store my paper vertically, I wonder if this would work by just turning it on its side? So, I use a match to melt the edges and "dull them down." Don't leave the heat on for too long, though, or the plastic will burn and turn black. I too was wondering about setting it on it's side to make looking at the paper a little easier. With two kids and a husband in Masters school, I spent my nights scrapping in a dimly lit, damp and cold, unfinished basement (read: Dungeon) and my scrap storage consisted of whatever I could find on the cheap and make work!

Then I stumbled onto this fantastic paper storage solution that improved my organization by leaps and bounds!
Build a basic cube (leaving one side open as shown above) by attaching the grids together using your zip ties.
Make sure the little square nubbies are facing towards the outside of your cube so they don't catch on the paper. Next take the remaining white shelves and slide them into your cube and attaching them at 1 inch intervals where the grid already exists. If you need a larger slot for some paper sets just make it a 2 or 3 inch interval instead.Make sure when you slide a shelf in that the wire grids are on the underside so that you get a slight lip on your paper tray.
Use your wire clippers to remove excess plastic end from zip ties.Fill with paper sorting by color, manufacturer or whatever makes you happy! I have even given these cubes as gifts to fellow scrapbookers with rave reviews!What do YOU think?

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