Thai Kettle Takes over Weezy's Grass Fed Shed in San RafaelThai Kettle owner Mon Chumwangwapi cooks satay. After the beloved Weezy’s Grass Fed Shed shuttered in San Rafael last March, owner Louise Clow said she had shuttered to take some for life, but hoped to return with a food truck version for her gourmet hamburgers made with all-natural, free-range, grass-fed Prather Ranch beef. We’re still waiting for that, but now a new operation, Thai Kettle, has taken over the spot on Del Ganado Road north of Manuel T. Appropriately, Thai Kettle owner Mon Chumwangwapi will focus on take-out, though limited seating will be available, too.
About Inside Scoop Inside Scoop SF is a one-stop source for the latest restaurant coverage in the Bay Area and beyond, by the San Francisco Chronicle staff. Any Style, Any Size, From Opulent To Practical, We Build Anything and Everything Equestrian. This load bearing straw-bale shed in Portland has a living roof and earthen plasters inside and out.
Monica Molinar added this to Natural Home IdeasJanuary 12, 2014This is listed as a straw bale shed. This is a tall 1 ?-story three-bay gable-roofed structure with its ridge-line oriented north-south.
The south gable-end is featureless except for a small vent just under the apex and a louvered vent in the unmortared fieldstone foundation. This is a shorter 1 ?-story three-bay gable-roofed structure with its ridge-line oriented east-west. The south eave-side of the addition has a concrete foundation and two pairs of hinged doors covering openings in the ground floor level. Swinging hinged doors on English barns are usually original, as sliding doors weren’t widely used until the mid 19th century.
The earliest type of field stone foundations found in Connecticut do not use mortar, as early builders thought it unnecessary.
The 7-acre property of today is the remnant of a larger farm, with most of the acreage now incorporated into the Nathan Hale State Forest.

The Hale Homestead is a 5-bay 2 ?-story gable-roofed structure with its ridge-line oriented east-west parallel to the road and its front entry in the center of the north eave-side. To the east and west of the buildings are areas of mowed pasture and cornfields with stone walls. Visser, Thomas D., Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings, University Press of New England, 1997. She already has a built-in audience, too, as she runs a stand at the Marin Farmers’ Market in San Rafael’s Civic Center.
Diners can expect savory signatures like green curry with fish, chicken satay in peanut sauce, red curry pork, chicken coconut soup, Thai basil chicken stir-fry, tofu pad Thai, and papaya salad.
The main entry is a pair of hinged outswinging barn doors with wrought iron strap hinges, located in the center bay of the west eave-side. The east eave-side is blank except for one or two boarded-up stable windows off-center toward the right (north) and a small sliding door in the center bay. It has a shed-roofed addition along the west half of the south eave-side, nearly abutting the northeast corner of Barn I, forming a barnyard to the southeast.
The name “30 by 40” originates from its size, which was large enough for 1 family and could service about 100 acres.
The farmstead complex is located on the south side of South Street, near the southern boundary of Coventry. It was built in 1776 with two chimney flanking the center entryway and a 1-story ell projecting south off the southeast corner of the rear eave-side.
Spot – or dot – since as Weezy fans know, the place is tiny, as a freestanding, parking lot shack that isn’t much bigger than a child’s playhouse.
Grade is close to the main floor level and slopes down slightly toward the south, exposing a few courses of unmortared fieldstone foundation. The north gable-end has a vent under the peak of the attic and also a hooded sliding door on the left (east) corner at the ground level.
The north eave-side has an exterior sliding barn door in the center bay with its head track extending to the left (west) bay.

The right (east) bay of the south eave-side of the main structure has an opening toward the left and a hay door in the loft level. The multi-purpose use of the English barn is reflected by the building’s construction in three distinct bays - one for each use.
Nathan’s father, Richard Hale, was a prosperous livestock farmer and built the house for his large family. South Street skirts the south side of Wangumbaug Lake, while Main Street (Route 31) and the Boston Turnpike (Route US 44) are located further north, leaving this neighborhood remote from the main commercial areas of the town. The middle bay was used for threshing, which is separating the seed from the stalk in wheat and oat by beating the stalks with a flail.
The west gable-end has a horizontal five-pane window that appears to be a re-used transom, located off-center toward the right (south) at the elevation of a pass-through door head.
The east gable-end is blank at the ground level and has an attic window opening near the peak.
One son, Captain Nathan Hale, was caught and hanged as a spy at age 21 by the British in September of 1776. There is an indication in the siding above the doors of an earlier hood or sliding door hardware. Although sold out of the Hale family in the 1820s, the house has remained virtually intact. The west end of the shed-roofed addition has some indication of patching or previous openings.
The house was first restored by George Dudley Seymour, who saved it in the early 20th century.
The house was deeded to Connecticut Landmarks (Antiquarian & Landmarks Society) in the 1940s.

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