Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so why not celebrate with homemade Christmas craft ideas in this FREE eBook! Show off your spirit for the holiday season with one of these 37 Fun Snowman Christmas Crafts. Using a stencil brush, lightly pounce two large cheeks on the face using pink acrylic craft paint. Using a chop saw or jig saw, cut a triangle from scrap wood that has a base approximately 1-inch wide and is approximately 4 inches tall. Attach decorative pine or a Christmas floral pick to the hat brim using craft glue and brad nails. Subscribe to the Crafty Christmas Ideas newsletter for craft holiday projects, free Christmas crafts for kids, free projects, and DIY gift ideas. CUSTOM MADE & DESIGN and other trademarks, service marks, and designs are the registered or unregistered trademarks of CustomMade, Inc. These little guys give you an excellent place to put those sweet little flowers your child brings you! I'm sure most of you out there have heard of, seen or made the childrens hand-print molds with the pie tin and plaster of paris.
I loved the look of this old radio, I had cleaned it and used it for decoration for about a year before I decided to turn it into a speaker for my iPod.. I have a few nieces and nephews that come around often and they are always going into my scrap bin to build stuff and then knock it down over-and-over again. I have needed a bench vice for some time now and I had this 3' stick of acme threaded rod (acme means its for a vice) a regular threaded rod will wear out very very quick.
You could use this for a number of things, I like the candle idea but I also thought about making one as a plant stand. This happy Frosty is made using bits and pieces from your scrap pile, and the decoration is so shabby chic. Free Printable Christmas PosterShow your love for DIY Christmas crafts and the season itself with this delightful free printable poster. In this collection of printable Christmas crafts to make, you'll find ideas for outdoor decor, ornaments, and even snow globes. Center the hat at the top with the left, bottom corner of the hat 4 inches below the head's top edge and the right, bottom corner 2 inches below the head's top edge. The button is now under the project name, by the "notes," "save project," and "comment" buttons.

I use mine quite a bit for large projects, but oftentimes the face-plate is too large for a project. Especially in the summer, sitting outside in the shade with a good friend and a cool beverage. I decided to simply clean and polish the entire thing to bring it back to its original (as original as possible) glory.
I decided to make them a small set of building blocks, complete with two battling catapults.
Made with Maple and Cherry Tiles with the top edges rounded and buffed for a more dimensional look and feel. Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks!We're coming to YouTube soon! This Rustic Wood Snowman Head won't take long to make and you will bust your scrap pile in the process.
Hang it on a wall, in your cubicle at work, or on your refrigerator - it'll always make you smile.Get your free Christmas poster now! Note: Make sure your screws or nails are not so long that they poke through to the front of the head.
Top and skirt are made from subfloor joists of a bowling alley built in 1918 in western MN.
Or there is not a lot of extra wood available for screws to bite into without ruining the project. I have gone thru several boards thru-out the years and I have always wanted a good solid wood board. This is one of those snowman craft ideas that can be passed down as an heirloom winter decoration for years to come. Gave it fie stars cause it's too adorable, but I'll come back and give a fair rating once I can get the instructions! Even with a decent chuck for my lathe, I still find these to be very handy to have on hand. Insert the ends of the wire through the holes and twist to secure using needle nose pliers. Prices vary according to final dimensions.Freight only as this piece is too heavy for FedEx ground. To create a smooth surface and to keep the top from bowing, just clamp each pocket joint as you go.Easy!

If you choose to use wood screws, just predrill from the top of the angle piece into the leg post at an angle (bottom pieces angle down, top pieces angle up). For the tabletop we wanted breadboards…so we used the tabletop from another one of your tutorials and for the base we used this one.
Wanted to share the pictures here, and thank you guys for providing the plans and inspiration. Carrie Higgs McCallusI’m curious how much you all spent on wood, so far I am up to $160 just on wood, Not including any of the screws. I have already built one of your coffee tables and the wheeled bookshelf, and really appreciate all the cool info you guys share!Next, I’m thinking of building this table. My husband and I are currently building this table… I was just curious to see if you took the sander to distress the top of the table, too? Does anyone have plans and a list of materials that they’ve used to build a table that big?
Are the diagonal pieces on the legs more for aesthetics (can they be removed) or are they really adding structural support?
I used Minwax Wood Finish English Chestnut 233 and several coats of Minwax Polyurethane Clear Satin. Can you tell me the dimensions of this guy so that I can work with my hubby to shorten it to our needs? Joseph S DaileyCan anyone give advice, pictures or better explanation on how to attach table top to legs? Where I live in CA, there isn’t very great quality wood, and most places it ends up warping. The other option is to order online but then we are probably looking in the area of $1,000 to do that, so I am told.
BurkeI really want to build this table with my husband, but we need a 10 person table and I don’t know what size to do, or if these plans can be made to work for a table that size? Nicole Zeelenberg QuinonesMight be a stupid question, but what did you use for the feet at the bottom for the table?

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