First and foremost I would like to thank Ryan and crew for this fantastic forum for all of us to use as a resource. Here are some pictures of what has been happening the last couple of weeks when the weather will allow.
A few years back on the next road over, out in the country they started building new houses. Yes, the rest of the sod was scraped off after I trenched the water lines into the building. Not a great idea for me to ride the pallet but my legs were worn out from all the days climbing. NXGTS, I am just getting started on a very similar building to yours, albeit in a 48 wide X 32 deep configuration. I look forward to following along with your build and I plan on starting a build thread of my own once it quits raining long enough to see some real progress.
I did get the footers poured the week before last, so here's a little sneak peak- don't want to muddy up your thread.. Our popular 24x24 Pole Barn Prices, Costs, Kits, Packages, Plans, Designs & Materials are available in all of NY. We offer complete 24x24 pole barn building construction for all 30 x 40 pole barn kits & packages if you prefer to have an expert pole barn builder erect your 24x24 pole barn building kit for you. Our 30 x 40 pole barn kits are ideal for heated workshops, cold storage, farm buildings, small business, retail stores, hobby shops, animal housing, warehousing, mini-storage, government, riding arenas, stall barns and more. Greater Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Jamestown, Olean, Auburn, Niagara Falls, WNY, CNY, Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Twin Tiers, Western NY, Upstate NY & North PA Areas.
This is the garage where it is not united or as one with home both beside or the front of the home. Since the global economic meltdown, many people are now looking for more and more options of simpler living arrangements. When it comes to plan your garage, you will need to find storage to store your tools in your garage. Many homeowners, who have never bought garage doors before have in the process of time, collected a good number of myths. Hello all, been hanging around here reading for a while, finally decided to add my own thread.
After all the work I put into getting it ready for the bobcat, of course the bobcat never showed and I end up with a freaking bulldozer leveling, so all my stump diggin was for nothting!
Anyway, right I'mworking on leveling and compacting the gravel getting ready to pour the slab, its going to be 5 inches. One of the advantages I have always thought the metal truss guys had was the valted celing.
Those look to be a nice alternitive that would give you the cost saving of pole construction but still let you have the vaulted celing. The trusses came in half sections (15 ft)that you bolt together, then bolt the bottom brace on.

The trusses really aren't that heavy, maybe 250-300lbs or so but it would be tough to do without a lift of some type.
I still haven't really done much more to mine, it's sitting waiting on the floor to be poured, looks like my timing was bad and Christmas is taking my $$, plus its cold to be pouring concrete! It looks like there is a tie piece that goes from side to side about ? of the way up the joist part of the truss? So you do not have the completely open vault that the metal building gives you, but you do have a lot of space between the trusses?
The trusses do have a cross piece, so no, it isn't the completely open space but it is higher than wood trusses would be. Horse barns with living quarters floor plans, Large selection of horse barn plans with living quarters the so build me a horse barn around my living quarters. Barns with living quarters - denali barn - barn pros, Our customizable wood barn packages with living quarters makes for a great packages with corresponding floor plans. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features.
It seems most people always build to what looks good in a neighborhood, but then an HOA steps in and then dictates that your roof can only be so tall, your walls only so tall, and other such nonsense. I'm not a huge fan of having two driveways but the building codes have changed since we built the house. I can only imagine the frustration of all the rain this Spring and trying to get it started.
I was able to get a small corner of the garage cleaned up enough to get one of the toys in. This is a standalone garage where it is actually like the barn of home where you can put many things in this barn. Others are adopting such living arrangements to either boost their rental income or provide housing for their college-going dependents.
Sorry for the crappy pic, it was taken through the upstairs window and the flash screwed it up.
Once I get that done, I can install the rollup doors and then it will probably have to sit until spring before I can afford to wire it up. Once you lift them into place they bolt to the post with 2 bolts that bolt through each post.
I have a friend that built a 40x60 from them a few years ago, and he used a big front end loader to lift them up. Got one section done late that winter, then ended up getting a divorce, which of course put an end to my shop building for awhile. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features. I was introduced to this web site through a fellow Mustanger when he posted about his new garage floor (Wolverine) on the Mustang site I used to frequent. With the help of some awesome family and friends we were able to get all the trusses up except the last end truss which I need to work on anyway.

Hopefully I will be able to get most of the sheathing on before I have to go back to work on Thursday.
However, you should also understand that, your garage should let more space for the other function.
I took more pics during the process, but it looks like someone erased them off the camera..
I got lucky in that my father-in-law has access to a boom truck that we used to lift them into place. They would not let him add on to the existing garage because they thought it would take away from the looks of the house. You can discover Insulating A Pole Barn Garage guide and view the latest Pole Barn Garage Designs in here. It has taken me awhile to get where I'm at, I've done all the work by myself, other than having a couple friends and a boom truck to help raise the trusses. I could have just poured a slab with footers, but that would've increased the concrete costs, and I have been trying to keep costs as low as possible.
Our Ohio OH pole buildings are great for commercial buildings, agricultural, industrial, horse riding arenas, rv storage and air plane hangars! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. It wasn't going to be a huge garage, it was going to be the same roofline, same brick exterior, just a little wider. I have both side walls done but I'm leaving the end walls partly open for now until I get the floor poured, which will hopefully happen before the end of the month. I ended up renting a big compressor, a rock drill, and a jackhammer for a day to dig (more like beat them into submission) the holes, and if I never have to look at another rock drill again, that will be ok with me! It took about 2.5 hrs to get all five up, and that includes the time it took to bolt them together. At Ohio OH pole barn kits we take pride in providing the most structurally sound buildings in the industry! Call toll free 1-877-662-9060 for more information! I need the extra room for a lift because I cannot have taller sidewalls because of my neighborhood association. I don't know who called them but it may have been the driver of the car that almost ran into the trailer that was parked in the road.
With my budget I will be doing most of the work myself with family and friends except for the foundation.
I will update as often as I can but I imagine this will take most of the summer to complete.

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