I missed out on a couple of early M14 stocks with M1 buttplates on Gunbroker and the PX here but finally got one from I believe it was 2beararms which included the wood handguard and an original gas cylinder wrench. If you see anyone who owns a T44E4 demilled receiver or T44E4 barrel or you see one for sale please let me know. All of the service members who have lost their lives and their families will be in my thoughts this Memorial Day.
Originally Posted by pezboy I shoot at my neighbor's, Morgan Monroe, Greene Sullivan, or my Grandfather's in Ladoga.

Similar M14 Forum Discussions Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post any 444 Marlin shooters out there? I was looking for a 1959 or 1960 dated Springfield Armory barrel to go with it when I stumbled accross an original T44E4 barrel and demilled receiver. Well, I sent the barreled receiver off to hueygunner to take the barrel off for me and refinish the worn parts.
The package was insured with signature required but either FedEx lost it or left it on my front porch and it was stolen.

This build took me probably two years to put together with the collection of parts and theft.

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