Funny, I read Walden several years ago, and that very blurb about the railroad box was what I remembered more than anything else in the book.
This little house reminds me somehow of Grandpa Potts’ tiny home in the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Thorough must have been a charming guy, he managed to procure the use of land, free building materials and most of his meals, from the kindness of others. His own cabin was a great deal bigger than the tool box or the garden shed mentioned above.

This would be minimalist living to the extreme, but it is fun to imagine how you could use this size space and make it a complete and livable home. I just found this site today and have been attracted to the smaller more portable side of like like hexayurts etc.. Kent looked online for a photo of a structure that might illustrate the quote, and found this pic of a 3×6 shed.
If the interior walls (at least on one end) were water proofed one could shower in there too.

In fact, I imagine the tool boxes that Thoreau saw beside the railroad did look more like coffins, as one reader above has suggested. But if I was homeless and had only a dollar, that toolbox might start looking pretty good in a cold rain!

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