You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Strength is the focus in the structure and design of Lifetime storage sheds, and so it is with the 60057. HDPE plastic will not fade, crack, or peel in the sunlight, ensuring you a beautiful appearance through years of use.
Shed extensions and snow load kits are not currently available for 7-foot wide Lifetime sheds. Please note that this shed item will ship via an ltl freight carrier for a curbside delivery. This Skylight shed offers a large storage area suitable for large or small gardens, with unique translucent skylight roof panels. The uniquely designed roof panels are designed to allow light to filter inside the building, whilst maintaining a sleek black aesthetic on the outside. This Plastic shed features a unique skylight roof to brighten up your garden building with the need for fiddly outdoor lighting!
Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket. The roof panels form a unique skylight, which floods the shed with natural, soft lighting throughout the day. Polycarbonate cladding is extremely robust and has been UV protected to prevent cracking or fading.
These unique roof panels allow light to enter the building and maintain the sleek black exterior of the shed.
What a nightmare it was to build, most of the screw fitting had to be drilled first before you could screw things in place. The valuable ability of HDPE plastic is that it can be molded to provide attractive textures. A curbside delivery requires the customer to be present to sign for the delivery and move the product to wherever they need it on the delivery property.

This allows you to reach your stored items with ease and without having to install outdoor lighting! The panels of the building feature aluminium frame profiles to give you a strong and sturdy garden structure. This range of shed include an anti slip floor which can be anchored down to your chosen base. For instance, the shed can fit underneath areas that larger sheds would struggle with like under trees or parts of another building. The aluminium frame profiles give you a strong and sturdy garden building, this is further enhanced by the non slip floor which is able to be bolted down to increase both stability and security. Step by step instructions are included to make installation quick and simple with the intuitive slide and lock construction system. This is also included in the door which features a lockable latch for a secure and durable garden shed.
The shed is extremely low maintenance, being made from polycarbonate, this means there is no need for annual treatments or risk of rust, rot or peeling! It seemed a bit flimsy but once we started to build it we soon saw it was going to be sturdy. Frequently used to provide more depth for storage then other of Lifetime small sheds, the 60057 can typically store lawnmowers and smaller ATV's more effectively.
Thus, your plastic storage shed gets the attractive look of a wood storage shed without having to worry about the plastic peeling or warping like wood shed do. The roof also features powder-coated steel in the make up of the trusses that support the roof top.
For tougher stains, typically a mild abrasive, or degreaser is necessary (depending on what the stain is). The shed can also fit inbetween areas more effectively than larger sheds like between the side of a home and a fence. Packages may be unloaded directly from the freight truck and taken to the desired location.

The panels are extremely robust; they can suffer high impact as well as being hail resistant. The polycarbonate panels are also 100% UV protected to prevent fading or cracking over time, this building has been built to last. Like all Lifetime storage sheds, the bulk of the visible shed is made with polyethylene plastic. By using steel to strengthen these critical areas of the shed, the shed is more able to handle harsher weather areas with strong winds or heavy snow loads. Thus, you can enjoy storing items and using your shed rather than keeping it up with monotonous tasks. The shorter depth of the shed makes it well-suited for storing smaller pieces of yard equipment like a pushing lawn more, paint and other chemicals, and smaller yard tools.
Freight companies will most often contact the customer to schedule the delivery before attempting a delivery. Simple to follow instructions make for easy and quick assembly with an intuitive slide and lock construction system. Lastly, the floors are blow-molded with a slip-resistant texture to help keep you safe when the floors are wet. However, the customer can also contact the freight company as soon as they receive a tracking number to schedule that time as well.
Powder coating the steel helps the metal resist rusting, providing a longer outdoor life than other non-treated metals. We recommend the customer contact the freight company themselves if delivery times are any concern whatsoever.

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