Looking for a handsome way to display your favorite hunting rifles and other guns?  Our Amish made gun cabinets are made from solid hardwoods throughout. High security vault locking 6 gun cabinet with internal ammunition safe, suitable for shotguns and rifles, holding a minimum of 3 scoped guns.
The Chrome handle on the front of the cabinet operates the 5 rotary pins which lock behind a 3mm steel frame.
This vault locking cabinet has 5 x steel rotary locking pins which are operated by the chrome handle on the front of the door. If you are outside UK mainland, delivery can take between 2-7working days depending on your area. Our unique design has a 2cm door fold which is inset into the frame of the cabinet, which makes its anti-crowbar feature come to life.

Our premium wood effect gun cabinet gives you the perfect opportunity to place the cabinet in you..
Each door has a lock so they also protect your fire arms from dangerous misuses, and protection from dust.
Use the drawers to store miscellaneous hunting accessories such as ammunition, gun oil, extra parts, and tools.
Even if you managed to break the 2 hinges off, you will NOT get into this safe without the key. If your item is not received within 2working days, please contact us so we can track your order.
This beautiful gun cabinet features aspen board case construction with log frame and trim, while the top and base are natural edge slabs.

The wooden 6 gun cabinet with storage is convenient to keep in any room in your home and cabin. The door features high strength tempered glass and both it and the lower drawer feature secure locks.
This 6 gun wood cabinet with storage has a locking system which keeps your guns and accessories safe. The upper case will hold up to 6 long guns and features a leather-lined gun barrel support rack to protect your firearms.

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