This 6 x 4 Apex Metal Shed is the perfect low maintenance and hard wearing garden building.
Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket. The apex roof provides extra storage for taller items and also gives this metal shed a more traditional look. This Shed does not come with a floor but comes with a FREE Anchor Kit so you can secure it onto concrete for a more stable base. The pent roof allows extra storage and the sloped design prevents rain water from gathering therefore preventing rust. This shed does not come with a floor but comes with a FREE Anchor Kit so you can secure it to concrete for a more stable shed.
The 6 x 4 Metal Shed I purchased was ideal to meet my needs and I feel good value for money. Good size, easy to erect for anyone with an idea about flat packs, looks tidy and attractive, nice colour. Get hold great deals on eBay for Garden Shed half dozen x 4 Pent in Garden Sheds 6 x 4 pent shed.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This compact 6 x 4 Tongue and Groove Apex Shed is ideal for the smaller garden or at the side of your house to securely store away your belongings.

This 6 x 4 Windowless Tongue and Groove Apex Shed is a high quality building designed to be secure and provide ample storage.
This shed is made from high quality materials which are designed to be strong and last for years to come.
Please note: A 10 year anti rot guarantee is included with this product, providing the wood is treated shortly after construction and then again annually with a high quality timber preservative. The size of this shed allows ample space and the pent roof means it will fit into a smaller garden. This shed also features double doors, which makes storing and retrieving items from your shed hassle free. This x Select lingua & rut Pent Shed is gravid value for money and combines traditional features with a stylish design.
This shed has no windows which helps make it more secure as it keeps your belongings out of sight. We also offer FREE pick your day UK delivery for the majority of areas; however please check the delivery section for more details. All sheds are fully tounge and groove and come complete with floor, glass, felt, lock, treatment and fixing kits. This metal shed is specially designed to protect you items against weather conditions and its durable build will withstand strong winds. This metal shed is specially designed to protect your items from weather damage and is built to withstand strong winds.

Not what I would call a heavy duty shed but excellent as a storage area or as a recycling area as we bought it for, not a bad price ?20 cheaper would have made it more attractive but on the whole satisfied, make sure you baton it down because it would fly away in a strong gust or do as we have put it out of the way of strong winds. Next day delivery on a immense chain of mountains of 6 x Little Joe Wooden Sheds and more all at great prices.
This building is clad with shiplap tongue and groove timber; this is a high quality, interlocking system. This makes this building very strong and ensures you can store heavy or valuable items safely.
This shed does not feature any windows so your items are securely stored and protected.This shed is perfect if you want a low maintenance garden building which is protected from weather damage and protected against rust. Shiplap tongue and groove cladding features a small groove which helps funnel water away from the shed quickly after rainfall.
This shed has a braced door for extra security and comes with high quality mineral roofing felt for extra weather protection.
This metal shed is perfect if you want a low maintenance garden building which is protected from weather damage and protected from rust. If you're looking for a high quality shed which is safe and secure this is an ideal building.

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