The 6 x 8 ANTHRACITE polycarbonate plastic garden shed is one of the new range from PALRAM, a global supplier of quality green houses and storage solutions. Because polycarbonate is not as rigid as polypropylene resin which is more commonly used in plastic garden sheds, the PALRAM ANTHRACITE units are reinforced with aluminium and galvanised steel frame components for increased durability and rigidity. TOUGH - the polycarbonate wall and roof panels have not only very high impact resistance, they also have good UV stability and can stand extremes of hot and cold weather.

SKYLIGHT ROOF - another innovative feature of the PALRAM ANTHRACITE garden shed is the translucent polycarbonate roof, which allows daylight into the unit. VENTILATED - vents in the top of the front and rear walls are a standard feature on the ANTHRACITE sheds. MAINTENANCE FREE - plastic sheds are not affected by rotting, rusting or paint peeling off, and do not require any upkeep other than an occasional wash down to clean off any accumulated dust or dirt.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE - clear and easy to follow instructions are supplied with each unit making installation simple and straight forward.

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