A lightweight and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete bases for sheds, cabins and greenhouses. Rates of finance offered in the calculator are based on this specific product and can be applied for once this item has ben added to the basket. This 8' x 8', 8' x 7' or 7' x 7' Pro Shed Base is a quick, easy and mess free alternative to concrete and is the strongest in the market.
The Pro Base is made from high grade 100% recycled plastic composite with strengthening additives which is extremely tough. The easy to assemble kits come with enough 50cm x 50cm  (1' 6" x 1' 6") grids to cover the ground and lay a base for your garden building.
Please note: This product will usually be despatched separately to your garden building and may arrive before hand.
I left the boxes sitting unopened until the day I'd employed someone to come round, lay the base and build the shed. Please note that by clicking ‘confirm purchase’ you are making a contractual commitment to buy this lot.
Please note that by clicking ‘confirm bid’ you are making a contractual commitment to buy this lot if you are the winning bidder. We have noticed that your maximum bid is higher or equal to the buy it now price for this lot.

To reach a member of our qualified support staff regarding information or questions pertaining to the bidding process; please reach us by phone or email. This 7' 5" x 6' 1" Yardmaster Wood Grain Apex Metal Shed is ideal for any garden and features unique timber styled steel panels. The Log Cabin is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and full assembly kit that makes construction as simple as possible.
Massive meccano kit, imperative that you check for all components prior to starting work, we had bits missing. Any translation using Google translate is a guide only - its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and it is used at your own risk. Strong enough to hold 350 tonnes per m2, this base can cope with supporting huge loads as well as our smaller garden buildings. The clever membrane also allows water to easily soak away making this a perfect base for Greenhouses too. He opened the boxes to find one of them had been man-handled a little to much and 4 pieces of the base had cracked the edge most mini square right off, leaving a jagged mess.
This metal shed is made from high quality materials and has a traditional look with a wood style finish. You should consider climate control for upholstered and any valuable furnishings or paperwork.

Casting a concrete slab for a shed can be an arduous, risky and expensive task if you do not have the knowledge to lay one yourself. Some panels were lightly scratched and dented, generally assembled very well but needs a lot of patience. With an attractive design and built to weather the storms, this outdoor storage shed provides a place for everything so you can keep everything in its place.
The storage space in this little shed is maximized with lots of shelving units and peg strips for all of your tools and supplies.
Its wood effect, shiplap profile helps this metal shed blend into any garden.This metal shed features high gables for better headroom and extra strength. Designed for style and durability, youa€™ll appreciate the no painting, no rusting, low maintenance of this sheda€™s polyethylene plastic construction and steel reinforcements. This shed also features ventilation along its roof and walls; this helps prevent condensation from building inside this shed.

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