Make sure the 4x4's are pressure treated, you can set the 4x4's on concrete blocks like in the first picture or if you set the 4x4's directly on the ground make sure the joist are pressure treated as well. Use 2x6 for joist and you can set those 4x4's anywhere from flush to the outside ( which is no longer cantilevered ) to at the most 12" in.
Use 8' 2x4's sitting on the top plates and nailed securely to the side of the rafters, these will be your collar ties and will hold the whole thing together. I have worked with 4x4 pressure treated before making a pergola and they warp a good amount.
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I'm also going to use simpson ties on the rafters to connect the top ridge board and the top plates.

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I will use 2x4 collar ties across the 8' ceiling so the roof ridge beam should not bow down too much. I plan on building my shed at less than $1000 and make it a little bit better in terms of build quality. For the floor I'm thinking of using six deck pier blocks from Lowes or two pieces of 4x4x12 redwood. Looking inside, I could see where they kind of cut corners with materials and wood spacing. The reason I was thinking redwood was that i couldn't find 4x4x12 pressure treated at the time when i was price shopping.

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