Be sure to take on only those tasks you are comfortable doing and observe any and all safety precautions when working outside on a roof.
To begin your dormer project, you may need a plan to present to your local building department. After the dormer is framed and the sheathing is attached then roll up your sleeves and get busy. Ceilings and walls should be insulated according to your climate conditions and drywall should be hung. One thing you might want to consider, I have built several pole type structures and I always soak the ends of the poles in warm tar 2 or 3 times before I plant them. Quoting Removed, click Modern View to seeTrusses are typically 8, 10 or sometimes 12' on center on pole barns. This article is not intended to guide you step by step through the construction process but rather to give you an overview of what is involved and what you can do.

Depending on your skill and comfort level, you can elect to complete the project or specific parts of it. Before applying the siding you will need to wrap the sheathing with 30 lb felt paper or apply an appropriate housewrap. Spend the money on a header or spend it on stronger trusses.In fact the drawing is not 100% true. Anti drip metal roof sheeting takes care of the drips and concrete blocks are the one of cheapest most permanant and best anti-theft wall materials. It was the same price to have trusses on 24, osb decking, 35 year shingles vs a metal roof.
However, you can cut significant cost if your contractor allows you to do some of the work and you are willing to take on specific tasks.
These are the manufacturer"s recommended amounts for permanent structural posts, wood foundations, etc.

It is rated for Exterior, ground or freshwater contact, severe environments, high potential for deterioration. The stick built is easier to put shelves, etc on.For a roof no one uses tar any more, shingles of today are just such rotten quality, put tin on the roof and never have to worry about it again in your life. Neither of these work well with a dirt floor shed.Plus with using poles with hold down cleats such as rebar threw the pole set in concrete it gives we a way to tie the roof directly to the ground preventing uplift and roof tear off in high wind (hurricane) situations.
Around here, lot of tar roofs need replacing as soon as 9 years, even if its warren tied you have a lot of labor and fuss. This close to the ground I will most likely go steel with tyvek or something similar under it.You make a good point on the overhang.

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