Located in the coastal town of Seagrove, Florida, this once outdated 80’s Florida bungalow became a dream beach cottage filled with coastal colors and beautiful interiors. With a talented team like Paige Sumblin Schnell of Tracery Interiors, Schnell Urban Design and Peter Horn of Artisan, Inc.
The designers kept the footprint of the cottage nearly the same, and built an addition onto the rear of the house to accommodate an airy great room.
Landscaping: The designers added fan palms, wax myrtles, and potted elephant ears to the existing garden. The porch base is painted in Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal, the floor is painted in Benjamin Moore Chelsea Gray, and the ceiling is painted in Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover.
I’m assuming that by now, everyone knows that navy kitchens are the latest trend when it comes to kitchen design, right? Besides painting the cabinets in a royal blue color, the designer also mixed beautiful elements such as Carrara marble countertops, glazed smoky-gray ceramic wall tile backsplash, and chrome Moen fixtures, leaving the island with a simple rock maple butcher block for an organic contrast.
You can never have enough storage space in a kitchen, and plenty of storage space is something that can be very rare in a small kitchen like this one.
Since there are plenty of outdoor dining areas in this cottage, the designer decided to keep the dining room small and tucked into a corner in the living room. The designer team added a 730-square-foot great room to the rear of the house to accommodates a larger living and dining area, and an updated kitchen.
The bed is a solid mahogany spool bed by Reid Classics, a fitting choice for a cottage bedroom thanks to its old-fashioned, handcrafted charm. When it comes to cottages, you know that the outdoor areas are as important as the indoors. Granite-topped fire tables ensure the outdoor room is comfortable for family and friends year-round. One basic fact stands out above all else, if you remove strength from the structure then you must replace that strength. If you can come up with ideas and concept sketches that partly help out the engineer then you can save some of his time and thus some of your money. Bearing this in mind, and only in the spirit of giving a bit of general advice, I have decided to write a couple of pages trying to answer Alan's question in some detail. In the sketch above I show a couple of possible ways to create enough space inside a roof to do a loft conversion. A multi-nail roof truss on it's own is a pretty flimsy thing, each individual piece can be quite skinny, say 75 x 35 timber for struts and the top and bottom chords can be as small as 120 x 35. I'd get all the structural materials on the job before starting and work steadily and uninterrupted to cut out then replace the strength.
I would only alter say two trusses at a time and stiffen them, before moving on to the next one. A lot of effort goes into designing roofs to resist sideways forces that the roof may be subjected to, for example strong winds. You could also have sheet ply nailed to the tops of the trusses which would be excellent for the proposed loft conversion job. As we are talking about a loft conversion to an existing house, then these top surface of the roof types of bracing only get disturbed if we start cutting holes for windows and skylights, which I am going into here. Obviously if we are removing the struts that the bracing is fixed to then we have to find another way of bracing the roof in that direction.
After looking at our very first sketch with the (red hatched area) it occurs to me that if we ran walls the full length of the roof space, we could use those walls to help brace the roof in that length ways direction. For this reason, in the sketch above I have made the walls a reasonable height, not maximising the floor space of the new loft area.
These walls would have to be fixed solidly at each end, (to gable walls or hip structures), and fixed to trusses top and bottom chords.
So we have killed two birds with one stone, built a couple of walls, which we need anyway, and used them to good effect to help brace the roof.
Meiter's Specialty Sales - ACCESSORIESThe wide range of options and accessories offered by LEER can make your new truck cap or tonneau more useful, more convenient and more valuable. Launched in November, the Asus Eee PC is hot on everybody's wish list with Asus struggling to keep up with demand, as it has sold out in almost every country. Anyone who wants to use the Eee PC as a portable media device will be sorely disappointed at the size of the internal SSD, ranging from 2-8GB.

This method of storing files is why it is incredibly easy to restore the Asus Eee PC back to its factory defaults a€“ you simply press F9 on boot. A way of imagining this is with two sheets of transparent overhead projector paper a€“ the bottom sheet is your read only partition, while the top sheet is your user partition.
The downside to this method, apart from a slight overhead, is that performing large updates (such as updating OpenOffice) will take up a large amount of space. In this article, we'll be modifying our Eee PC by neatly adding in an extra 32GB of storage space a€“ this is well within the grasp of anyone with even the most basic soldering skills. If you have, make sure to take notes on paint colors and design ideas that I’m sharing with you today. The result is a cottage that embraces anyone who steps inside with a casual environment that is full of charm. Navy kitchens are very popular and for a reason, they’re classy and the dark color gives depth to the cabinets, creating an exciting contrast with other lighter elements.
Classic tongue-and-groove walls, whitewashed floors and vaulted ceilings create a timeless space that looks as if it belonged to the original cottage. The furniture is upholstered in resilient all-weather fabrics by Sunbrella that won’t fade in the sun. Using a collection of different frames in a single neutral shade, the designer created a gallery wall of old family photos in the bedroom. In this home office, the designer added a narrow built-in desk and daybed (see next picture), making this space an office by day and a guest room by night.
The designers transformed the backyard into a place where anyone would love to spend their time at, day or night. The fire tables have resin-coated woven bases, the sofa wicker is a beachy sea green, and the string lights are crafted of galvanized iron that will not rust. I love how charming and inviting it feels… the colors are perfect for its location as well.
I will be busy and working like a bee, but I will make sure to end my day at my favorite restaurant. If you haven't already read a review on the Eee PC and are wondering what the heck wea€™re talking about, you can see one on our ex-sister site, TrustedReviews. Whenever a system file is changed or updated, the new file is stored on the secondary partition.
You'll notice it takes no more than five seconds to do so, as all it has to do is wipe the secondary partition of information.
Using your marker pen, you write something on the top sheet, while everything that is written on the sheet underneath is still visible through it a€“ giving the effect of a single sheet. Instead of backing up the entire 4GB of hard drive space, we only need to backup the secondary partition as this contains all the changes. The Allura siding is painted in Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray, and the railings are painted in Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover. It's like an overhead sliding drawer where you can organize your gear, keeping it hidden and securely locked up. The operating system itself takes up a large majority of the drive, leaving 1.4GB of user space. This is known as a€?copy on writea€?, as you are adjusting a copy rather than the original. Simply replacing the top sheet with a fresh one is all that is needed to bring you back to the beginning.
Storage dividers can be adjusted to hold sports equipment, camping, hunting and fishing gear and more. In size, this takes up very little space a€“ but tweaking things to how you want them takes a while, so ita€™s worth backing up. In my case, on a pretty highly modified install, my secondary partition is still under 500MB which, even by today's standards, is still small. A BedslideLEER truck cap and tonneau customers can get the most out of their trucks by adding a BEDSLIDE. Whether you need it for heavy-duty work or serious play, BEDSLIDE is simply the best way to stow, transport and access your cargo safely and securely. There are five (5) different models to choose from with capacities ranging from 1000 to 2000 pounds.

From the entry-level 1000 GO to the contractor grade 2000 PRO HD, there is a BEDSLIDE for every budget and application. The Keyless Remote for the LEER Twist Handle UNLOCKS but does not UNLATCH your cap or tonneau - you can travel safely with it locked or unlocked. When unlocked, a simple twist of the handle releases the latches so the tonneau can be opened. Keyless Remote for the LEER Twist Handle can be factory-ordered or dealer-installed on virtually all LEER truck caps and tonneaus with the LEER Twist Handle. After three years of research and development, DECKED has developed a system that helps you work smarter and play harder. The company's storage solution raises the deck, allowing you to store your tools, hardware and other items securely, out of the way, and out of the weather while providing full use of the rest of your truck bed.
It's an innovative way to make you more efficient and make your truck more productive.PLAYBring whatever you need for the lake, ocean, mountain or parking lot. With DECKED, you can store fishing rods, guns, skis, boards, sleeping bags, camp gear, tailgate party "items" securely and out of sight. This small, simple switch turns the 12V dome light in your LEER 700 Series tonneau on and off any time you open and close the cap rear door. The new FlipFit Brackets on the Thule Shuttle securely fasten your carrier around just about every crossbar on the market, safely transporting your stand up paddle board. The telescoping width Thule SUP Shuttle is designed with soft, weather resistant base padding to protect your valuable boards during transit.
Shuttle's adjustable wrap-around straps are padded to protect your boards from strap abrasion. With adaptable, functional square tube bars, aerodynamic uprights, security locks and top tracks, the Tracker II is the perfect base system for transporting everything from skis to bikes, and luggage to construction materials.
The Tracker II is included as a standard component of LEER Special Edition Packages, and accepts virtually every genuine Thule Roof Rack Accessory. To get the most from your LEER truck cap, ask your LEER dealer to have the LEER factory add a Thule Tracker II Roof Rack System. LEER also includes tie-downs and Quick draw required to secure long loads to the front and rear bumper of your truck and the Thule Quick Draw ratchet to tighten the straps.
Bundled together, Portage Canoe Carrier with Tie-downs and Quick Draw are one of the included choices with the LEER Adventure Sports Package. A padded clamp holds the down-tube while the wheels are strapped into place in cradles.The Big Mouth is included as one of the LEER Adventure Sports Package choices.
That means not only will it protect your truck bed from impact dings and damage, it will stand up to the harshest conditions: from gravel to battery acid, while still protecting your precious cargo and your knees!
The wing's broad, sweeping curve is mounted on two wind-cheating supports, a gentle upsweep across the trailing edge gives it just the right aerodynamics.
It provides 3 standard (cigarette-lighter) style plugs and an inline fuse for circuit protection.
It provides a secure, locking space for gear and valuables that's mounted to the cap ceiling, out of the way and out of sight. The Gear Net requires a Thule Roof Rack (or Thule tracks) for installation, and it is available on any LEER cap equipped with them.
The combination of easy, fast installation with Thule's exclusive Speed-Linka„? mounting system and telescoping arms that makes loading skis or snowboards almost effortless is without equal. Standard on the 100XQ cap and 700 tonneaus, it is available as an option on any other LEER fiberglass cap or tonneau. LEER also includes genuine Thule Front and Rear Tiedowns required to secure the ends of the kayak to the front and rear bumpers of your vehicle. The Flat Top is included as one of the choices offered with the LEER Adventure Sports Package.

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