Advanced Self-Storage provides storage solutions for a diverse range of items including: documents, wine, boat, car, caravan or trailer or household goods and furniture.
Advanced Self-Storage approached Wiley to design and construct a $6 million, 9,000m2 self-storage facility in Brisbane. The objective was to deliver a facility that was attractive, efficiently constructed, easy to maintain, protected by high tech fire sensing equipment and security surveillance, and offered efficient and flexible storage. Designing the facility with the capacity to expand to meet future demand was also required.
Design for future growth with the capacity to add another 400 storage units to the facility by removing several tilt-slab panels.
One of Australia’s most efficient and attractive self-storage facilities that meets the client brief, provides options for future growth and offers customers secure, high quality and flexible storage options. Conveniently located between Routes 395 and 32 in Uncasville, our facility features 100 units in a variety of sizes, competitively priced month-to-month or long term rentals, perimeter fencing, 24-hour access, and Uhaul's convenient eMove® service for all your moving and packing needs. Not only do we offer outside storage for vehicles, RV's and boats, but you also have the option of storing your vehicle inside a drive-up unit.
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Our philosophy follows the model of Continued Improvement by Design, Innovation and Cost Effectiveness. The Self Storage Industry, from large to small facilities is thriving in Canada and the US. What is surprising (to us, anyway) is that self storage, according to the Self Storage Association (SSA), has been the fastest growing segment of the commercial real estate industry over the last 30 years. It turns out that self storage is overwhelmingly a North American phenomenon: according to the SSA, of the 58,500 self-storage facilities in the world, 49,940 are in the US, and a comparatively paltry 3,000 in Canada. Ironically, given that North Americans tend to have more living space than people anywhere else in the world, one in ten American households currently rents some form of self-storage unit. Advanced Storage Systems is proud to be a prominent construction company working in this highly successful industry with such a bright future. Several public companies are REITs, and have outperformed other REIT sectors in the last couple of years. In the US, the self-storage industry showed the strongest gain of any REIT sector for the second year in a row, says the release. It has been called “recession resistant” because of its performance through 2008 and beyond, and had revenues of more than $20 billion in 2010.

The US holdings amount to more than 2.3 billion square feet of rentable space, or 210 million square metres.
All locations are video monitored and well lit, with controlled gate access from 7am to 10pm, 7 days a week.
In 2011, self-storage REITs returned an impressive 35.4 per cent, far outpacing other REITs. But the amount of storage space available has grown even more dramatically: from 1984 to today, the number of available storage facilities has increased by almost 700 per cent (from 6,601 to 49,940).
Put another way, there’s enough space for every single US household to have 20 square feet of it.

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