When storing your Defibrillator indoors ideally it should be kept in a wall mounted cabinet. All AED manufacturers state that there AEDs should not be stored or used in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. The reason for this is that the gel is alcohol based and alcohol (depending on the purity) freezes at extremely low temperatures far lower than we ever experience in Europe. Our outdoor, heated AED cabinet is made from galavanised steel with a clear Perspex window for AED inspection. Digital Key Pad: Allows you to lock your AED cabinet and access it using the digital keypad. Master Key Override: For customers who prefer a key lock the key pad can be disabled and the cabinet opened by the key provided. Some heated AED cabinets have a heater plate at the rear of the unit and the AED sits up against it. FA?r weitere Informationen A?ber unsere Produkte und Preisinformationen fordern Sie unsere kostenlose BroschA?re! We offer a full range of the highest quality AED cabinets, suitable for all defibrillator storage. Indoor, steel, Wall Mounted Cabinet with glass doorThis indoor storage cabinet with glass door allows you to check the Status of the Defibrillator without opening the door.

I just wanted to put pen to paper to say thank you for the 2 cabinets that were delivered and installed back in June 2014.
These have now been installed for 5 months and we are very pleased with not only the cabinets, but the after care that you have given us. I am pleased to place another order for 3 further cabinets to safeguard other areas of the Parish and look forward to receiving them.
If in the future you have any potential clients wishing to seek references from existing customers, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
The Clear Perspex Door allows you to check the status of your Defibrillator without opening the cabinet. This gives you an unrivalled scope of options making this the most flexible high quality AED cabinet on the world market today. This 1 light Landscape 12V Path & Spread from the Copper collection by Kichler will enhance your home with a perfect mix of form and function. They are also weaker then steel and can be pulled from the wall easily as the steel bolts are only inserted into the plastic fittings.
In addition to this it features stainless steel closing clasps and lock and well as a stainless steel door handle.
Therefore we believe that AEDa€™s (Automated External Defibrillators) need to be easily accessible in all types of environments, from sports grounds to office buildings.

Protect your Defibrillator investment with one of our sturdy wall mounted cabinets, which increases its visibility, increases speed of access and protects your defibrillator.
In searching the UK and many companies for the right cabinets we required, we felt that yours were best specified and suited to our requirements. The first cabinet was placed on the High Street in our village and the second is on the Manor House Sports and Social Centre wall, these are placed such to benefit the residents of Abbots Langley using the shops, the sports ground and premises as well as the surrounding houses. We have already purchased 2 further defibrillators and our goal is one more, (as I am anticipating reaching this goal), we have pre-ordered the third cabinet ahead of time.
The alarm can be shut off prior to opening using the remote control when you are servicing your AED.
The alarm is battery powered and can be switched off if required.Alarm sounds at 120db and the remote control can be operated from up to 30 Meters.

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