The Parker House Huntington Space Saver Open Top Library Wall is rooted in traditional style to distinguish any home office or library.
Buy Jester Leather Storage Bed by Kuka Free Shipping on all products!*Additional 10% Discount! This library wall features abundant open storage space for books and volumes in five connected bookcase sections. Three shelves in each bookcase unit are adjustable, so you can easily customize your display.
Overhead lighting will cast flattering illumination on your collection and soft ambient lighting on your environment. Stuff all your unused bed sheets, pillow covers, cushions cover and even mink blankets in off-seasons.

Parker House takes pride in the quality of its furniture and is committed to making customer satisfaction its No.
The headboard and platform are both padded with pure Italian dark grey leather and complement any contemporary decor.
These services typically involve additional charges payable directly to the freight carrier at the time of delivery.
Special service arrangements may be made directly with the freight carrier when they call you for your delivery appointment. This modern bed more of an utility furniture as it combines luxurious beauty with practical utility mode. The designer bed comes with a huge under-bed storage so that you can keep your extra bed sheets, pillow covers and cushion covers within the storage space and give your bed a clean plush look.

The storage space is large enough for you to even stuff those big mink blankets inside it when they are not being used in summers. The swanky big headboard has a rich luxurious padded look that comes upholstered in pure Italian dark gray leather. The four wooden legs are small enough to get hidden beneath the leather platform but are enough durable to support the sleep system very strongly.

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