8 color matched screws come per window, if you want more just leave a note in the comments section at check out. Half Round Sunburst storage shed windows is a great accent above our rectangualr shed windows.
Weathervane Topper Sizes- The dimensions on all of our weathervane tops measures 21" in length. We can send additional screws after your order has delivered but will require a shipping fee.
These states include Alabama(AL), Arizona(AZ), Arkansas(AR), California(CA), Colorado(CO), Connecticut(CT), Delaware(DE), Florida(FL), Georgia(GA), Idaho(ID), Illinois(IL), Indiana(IN), Iowa(IA), Kansas(KS), Kentucky(KY), Louisiana(LA), Maine(ME), Maryland(MD), Massachusetts(MA), Michigan(MI), Minnesota(MN), Mississippi(MS), Missouri(MO), Montana(MT), Nebraska(NE), Nevada(NV), New Hampshire(NH), New Jersey(NJ), New Mexico(NM), New York(NY), North Carolina(NC), North Dakota(ND), Ohio(OH), Oklahoma(OK), Oregon(OR), Pennsylvania(PA), Rhode Island(RI), South Carolina(SC), South Dakota(SD), Tennessee(TN), Texas(TX), Utah(UT), Vermont(VT), Virginia(VA), Washington(WA), West Virginia(WV), Wisconsin(WI) and Wyoming(WY).

We can deliver and setup your metal garage or steel building in these areas or drop off our kits. The solid steel double doors are not only durable, but also large enough to moving large equipment in and out.
You can choose any color combination for your metal garage or steel building at no additional charge.
Certified garages and buildings are designed by a state certified engineer to meet the codes for your state.
Its unfinished design allows you to paint it to match your house and decor and a 10-year limited warranty is included.

Due to covering such a wide range of states we ask that our customers check with their local building and zoning department to see if a permit is needed and if so that you the customer pick up the permit.
If the local inspection or zoning department needs plans we can provide them in some cases at an additional fee.

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