Why Buy Amish Made ?Unlike the vast majority of the furniture created today, our Amish furniture is intended to stand the test of time and endure for generations. Amish Furniture Factory is a leading online provider of heirloom quality Amish made furniture. The Amish work the earth with rudimentary farm implements to grow food, and raise animals without sophisticated machines.
Amish craftsmen combine their skill and passion with building techniques that have been proven superior for centuries.
The mortise and tenon joint is the backbone for the structural strength of most of our furniture pieces.
We offer several of the most popular furniture styles across the many types of furniture in our line.
Mission furniture, Shaker furniture, Traditional, Contemporary, and Rustic furniture all have a specific look associated with them. We spent countless hours ensuring our site would be easy for customers to navigate and shop. The Shop by Type category is a perfect way to learn about the different types of furniture we sell. Shop by Area is another popular way to shop that allows you to find furniture by the room, or area in and around the home.
Shop by Style and find Mission furniture, Shaker furniture, Contemporary furniture, Traditional furniture, Rustic furniture, and Outdoor furniture. Our Most Popular section features furniture organized by dining room furniture, dining room tables, dining room chairs, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, TV stands, and hutches and buffets.

No matter what type, style, or area of the room for which you are shopping for furniture, we think we can help you. Because Amish children avoid public systems and schools, they must attend private schools within their community to further their education.
Looking at this from the outside, one may think 8th grade education isn't enough for children to learn all the necessary principles they need in life.
While Amish children are attending school, they'll learn a variety of skills and information, from history to math lessons. Technology, science and the theory of evolution are topics which are omitted from the Amish school system. Unlike most large schools located within the city, Amish schools usually only consist of a single room where students go to learn. One of the most notable differences between Amish and traditional schools is how they view teachers. Lets take a closer look at why so many people love our furniture and are, in fact, simply not satisfied with anything else and why it offers offers powerful benefits over the alternatives. On our site, you will find one of the largest and most eclectic selections of Amish made furniture, including Amish dining tables, chairs, and beds. There are always exceptions within each specific community, but most elders believe that children have learned everything they need to by this time.
You have to remember, though, Amish lifestyles are more simple and basic than those of the outside society. As they progress into some of the later grades, more focus will be placed on learning trades such as cooking, farming, woodworking, etc.

They believe teaching their children such things will do more harm than good, so they focus on more basic, hands-on topics that will actually be used in the community.
Depending on the size of the community, there could be as few as a 2 or 3 children in a single grade or as many as a dozen. With five tray-like shelves and a curved top, this shelf endows any corner with a traditional touch.
As you can expect, though, there are some distinguishable differences between traditional schooling and that within an Amish community.
After they've finished the 8th grade, they may pursue a career path of their own choosing. Teachers find it important to teach trade skills to the children at an early age so they may contribute to the overall well-being of the community. Amish communities view their teachers are role models who should be respected and listened to at all times.
This furniture never becomes outdated, and after decades can be given multiple breaths of life through a refinishing process that many local shops can handle.

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