Our Country collections can be identified by their massive strength with elegant curving features.
When decorating, you’ll find the simple style of our Country furniture helps to spotlight accents such as dried flowers, rusted antiques or soft linens.
Our Amish craftsmen follow an exceptional work ethic and have a rich heritage of furniture-making. We use only hand-selected North American hardwoods, uncompromising construction, precise mitre cuts, and extraordinary finishing techniques - all qualities that you would expect from experts in their craft. Amish Outlet & Gift Shop is a fourth consecutive year Gold Medal Winner of the Rochester Choice Award in the Hand Crafted Furniture Store category. Amish Outlet & Gift Shop is one of the largest furniture stores on the west side of Rochester, New York.
The grain is different on every piece of wood, and the craftsmen often try to highlight the features of each individual piece. Each piece of the Amish-made furniture is both a piece of art and a piece of furniture to be used and lived in and passed along for generations.

The reason Amish furniture is so popular is its clean and modern design, its quality and functionality. We are the largest furniture showroom on the west side of Rochester, New York – which means YOU can see and touch and feel more items on the floor.
We have in-house design experts to assist you so that you can find furniture that works best with your home.
Our non-commissioned sales staff will not pressure you into buying and  you can enjoy exploring the store without being harassed by pushy sales people.
We are family-owned and operated business which means we can offer you lower prices without sacrificing quality. Areas We ServiceOur Customers come from many different cities and town in Western New York. Gold Medal WinnerAmish Outlet & Gift Shop is a Gold Medal Winner for the fourth consecutive year of the Rochester Choice Award in the Hand Crafted Furniture Store category. They must create pieces that live up to the rigors of modern life, but still incorporate the look of the past.

To view the entire collection and to really appreciate the quality and craftsmanship, you need to visit our store, located 5 miles west of New London, Wisconsin. The careful handcrafting process and quality control reflect the traditions of furniture artisans past. Complete with sofa, armchair, coffee table and end tables, it’s never been quicker to go Mission style.
Available in your custom choice of wood, stain and upholstery, you’ll be sure to find something that matches your personal tastes.
They wanted us to bring fine quality solid wood furniture made by Amish craftsmen in Lancaster county in Pennsylvania and from other Amish centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York State.

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