Stop by our new location at 8343 Route 20 in Pompey in partnership with Fleszar Woodworking to see our selection, or call us anytime at 315-552-8583. A great looking shed that will enhance your property's value and provide lots of light for your yard tools and equipment, this shed doubles as a quaint backyard studio. Superior to any Mini-Barn's, this "Shed and a Half" offers massive cubic footage for plently of overhead storage with optional lofts.
The deluxe package adds the character and athestetic qualities that all other deluxe models share. Also known as a "Salt Box", this distinct storage shed gives and additional protection from the elements and a nice 7' front wall for convenience and additional head room.

Our top-of-the-line model with additional detail and trim, this popular shed is a head-turner, offering that "one of a kind" look.
By adding a porch with a floor and rails and post, you can have an open feel or even add a screen package and be able to sit back and enjoy your pool any time of the day. 13 x 16 Cantania, options seen cupola, 10" columns, arch trim boards, stone columns set by customer.
The pool house can be delivered as a single piece or built on site. We can also set the pool house in place and then set the columns in place once the unit is set. Here are some configurations of three of our most popular shed sizes to consider before ordering.

Inexpensive and flexible to suit your needs, our A-Frame is the ideal choice to securely store your valuables.

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