Purchase quality, durable and attractive prefab storage buildings that are made just for you! The Amish Sheds and Prefab Garages are ready for you to begin using right away once delivered with no extra work or hassle! DMS Truck Outfitters has AMISH built treated wood buildings ranging in sizes from 8x8 all the way to 14x60.
Whether it is relaxation, everyday storage, or weekend adventure you seek, our GAMBREL CABIN is a smart choice. As always, when we are considering purchasing something, we are concerned with how long the product will last and this makes choosing between different brands difficult.
Modern, simple and elegant design is something that the Amish storage buildings Morgantown WV have long been known for. Because the Amish travel so much, the design of the sheds make it easy to move it from one place to another. What the Amish shed builders are known for most is their strict attention to detail, which has become hard to find in other sheds due to the rapid expansion of technology and mass production.
Alan's Factory Outlet sells Amish Storage Sheds, Prefab Garages, and prefab storage shed kits that are delivered to your home. A Gravel pad is the ideal foundation for most buildings, especially prefab storage buildings. When we visit the supermarket we are ambushed with product after product all promising they have the best quality, when in fact, we all know that most of them just will not stand the test of time.

Another way that makes them unique is the style of windows and shutters they typically use. But thanks to Amish sheds, the forgotten art of master craftsmanship has been made available to us again. For Most Storage Sheds and Prefab Garages you will want to have 15' Wide clearance for the Truck and Trailer to be able to back in and place the Building where you want it.
It’s hard to find a company that actually sticks to their promises, but the Amish Shed company is one of them.
With their past success of building quality backyard sheds and a growing population that spans across 20 states, it is obvious that Amish sheds are becoming more popular. Unlike typical builders, the Amish build their sheds inside of a controlled environment, which allows them to focus on their work.
The prefabricated storage sheds are built in a variety of sizes to fit your needs no matter how small or big they are.
What sets the Amish shed apart from the rest of the market place is the high quality of their construction as well as their strict attention to detail. The Truck and Trailer is approximately 50' long so you will want to have 50' in front of where the Shed or garage will be placed. However, you will want to have a level area for your storage shed or prefab garage so the Doors open and shut properly. The sheds that they sell are constructed from the most durable materials, and what’s even better is that it is even cheaper than buying a shed kit that takes forever and a day to put together.

Not only do they look beautiful, they are also relatively inexpensive and reliable compared to other sheds.
After a stress-free order has been placed online, your prefab storage shed will be delivered quickly. Once the truck and trailer is in the location where you want the building or any of our prefab storage shed kits to go the hydraulic trailer is tilted up and the building slides off the trailer onto your property. If you put down gravel you will want to have your gravel pad be 2' wider and 2' longer than the size of your building.
For this reason they are better suited as playhouses for children or small storage sheds rather than workshops.
It doesn't take long to place your prefab storage shed when the lot is prepared the proper way. The design of the roof is so that they are lower than most other sheds so that it makes it easier to transport and not run into problems with height restrictions. Once a place is cleared and ready, prefab storage shed kits are easy to use and will save you money and time.

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