Man, I hated that “Phone storage space is getting low” error, especially considering I had an 8GB Micro SD card in my phone. Now that you have easily fixed one of the most annoying problems in Android myTouch 3g Slide history, maybe you should upload your music to the Cloud and use Amazon’s MP3 Streaming service. Another solution to this annoying error, is to upgrade that old droid phone you’ve got. However, with the Android model, you get more flexibility in that you can upgrade to a bigger SD card but you are still limited by the number of apps that you can download and run.Does your phone memory go low when you try to install a new application? There are some techniques out on the Internet especially those involving moving apps from memory to the SD Card of your phone. But all these solutions require you to root aka jailbreak your phone using something like App2SD application. You can check what version you are using by going toA Settings -> About Phone.If you are already in the Manage applications section, just click on the app you wish to move and then click the button that saves move to SD storage (or USB in some cases).
This way, you will be less likely to encounter the low memory message and it will be allow you to keep your apps organized.Good luck! This method was officially suggested by the HTC support for resolving the phone storage space issue and low memory warnings.

Also, the only way to do this was to use the app called App2SD which required rooting or jailbreaking the phone.
However, Google listened and with Froyo or Android 2.2 release, they included the App2SD functionality.
Find and Install your OEM USB drivers hereLaunch the SDK and AVD Manager by double-clicking SDK Manager.exe, at the root of your SDK directoryExpand the Third party Add-ons and Google Inc. Select Properties and go to Device ManagerYou will see the missing driver with the exclamation mark on itEither double click on right click on it.
Select Update Driver SoftwareBrowse for the USB drivers folder in the Android SDK folder you downloaded and updated in Step 3 earlier. At the Run prompt, type in cmdYou need to change your path to the platform-tools folder in the Android SDK you downloaded and installed. This includes your task manager apps and a few other appsThis option also becomes the default.
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Also the command on the cmd prompt is, it would seem, slightly different now (the prompt will tell you, just scroll down until you find it after it returns the error and help instructions).

Still, miles better than any of the other article out there, especially with the last option.
For example, we had to fully download and install Samsung Kies latest version and run the full version (not lite) for the ADB driver to be installed correctly.
At first when I got the phone I downloaded about 7 apps, none of which took up massive memory space, but my phone seemed to cope with them, and then it suddenly stopped and said I needed to uninstall them. My message limit is set so that for each contact I can only have 100 messages and then it deletes the oldest when I start to go over that, I rarely use any apps already installed on the phone apart from facebook and youtube. And lastly, I have a 2GB SD card, but when I had installed apps when I first got the phone, it would only let me put about 2 of the ones I’d downloaded onto my SD card, and for some reason it wouldn’t let me put the rest on! After a few snags along the way I  was able to make this work I’m so happy I can use my phone again.
Apps that give you the choice of phone or SD card are loaded to phone, and I have to manually switch them to SD card.  But system apps stay on phone.

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