Donkey Kong Barrel Cabinet. This year user griffindodd from ArcadeControls made an incredible arcade cabinet of Donkey Kong using a wine barrel. Vigolix Arcade Cabinet. The design of the Vigolix is pretty simple, and very cost effective for the DIY arcade enthusiast. Back in April I reported about my good friend Gerald's insane DIY Playstation 3 arcade cabinet.
Instead, I decided to make one that looked similar and had the same dimensions and angles but was modified to suit my needs.
Gerald worked with a local San Fernando Valley carpenter (Rivoli Cabinets in Panorama City) who was able to work from his schematics to fashion the cabinet using MDF. Relive those golden days by creating the most adorable MAME cabinet in the known universe: the Cupcade. 2:08 pm August 24, 2009 By Roland Hutchinson Tweet Share21 +17Shares 28This cool DIY Nintendo arcade cabinet was made from the guys over at Instructables, using an old PC, a 17 inch LCD monitor, some plexiglass and some MDF. Head on over to Instructables for full details on how to make your own DIY Nintendo Arcade Cabinet.

Designed in by me Solidworks CNC router cut melamine body and lexan for screenCustom built PC running emulator software inside.Bottom opens up for storage.
No matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be room for classic video games in the hearts of nerds everywhere. This one is a little different, we usually just focus on one specific aspect of a subject or craft. These decals are made by Walkingdeadpromotions and available for $39.99 on their Etsy page. Talented Etsy user TinyBricks have created 6 classic arcade machines made out of Lego’s.
Gerald measured the cabinet in an actual Akiba arcade, being quick with a sketchpad and tape measure.
The unit is currently being sanded and finished, including rounding off edges for a smooth finish before painting (Gerald says the cabinet will be a matte black finish once painted). Nostalgic for feeding your hard-earned quarters into arcade games as your friends gathered around to watch you try for a new record?

Brought to us by those geniuses at Adafruit, the Cupcade is a Raspberry Pi-powered micro arcade cabinet kit, perfect for bringing gaming to the top shelf of your locker, the tiniest of dorm rooms, or your desk at work. We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-888-GEEKSTUFF. Thanks to raspberry pi and other emulators–arcade cabinets have become easier to acquire. You can connect regular, un-modded NES controllers and play with those or use the joystick and buttons on the control panel. They note that some games that are more advanced might be too slow even with overclocking the Pi (but a lot of those have more than 2 button input anyhow). Favorite pastimes include; skee-ball, competitive eating, and Lou Ferrigno look a like contests.

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