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WHAT IS IT?A mini fridge that is made and sold by Argos.WHAT IS IT FOR?I think most people would use it for in a room where you will be sitting for a long time and do not want to keep going to the large refrigerator in the kitchen. A very useful little fridge for keeping milk and cold beverages or small items verrry cold!
This mini-fridge was a gift from a friend, he knew I wanted to be lazy and get a fridge to store a few beers in for the living room. I received the Argos 6 litre mini-fridge as a going away present for university and it's been an essential part of my life for the past year. I was looking for a mini fridge when I lived with my family because I wanted my own personal fridge.
Priced at ?30 over a year ago from Argos, this little fridge seemed like a good deal.I had some Argos vouchers to use up and nothing in mind that I needed to buy. Before finding my vocation in life I spent a few years as a sales rep travelling the country. The Hot UK Deals community hunts down the cheapest Sewing Machine deals and voucher discounts. has thousands of fantastic products for you to choose from across thirteen online categories.
Given the current economic climate and lack of job prospects I could see ahead of me, and the fact I have no major responsibilities other than for myself, I decided to quit my day job and apply for a place at University. Two years down the line it is still going strong and has become a permanent part of my fixtures and fittings.
After a bit of cheeky after-gift research I found out it cost just over ?30 from Argos, this was around 1 year ago.CAPACITY, It is a mini fridge, that's for sure. I thought, I might as wel go to Argos as its cheap and I wasnt fussy about getting a bargain or something uber amazing because i knew it wouldnt be long before I moved out.The box was an ok size to fit in the car when I first bought it.
Not having a base and spending most days on the home I had to buy my lunch out or have a sweaty sandwich sat in the car all day with me. Join Discussions, buy patterns and read thousands of reviews for patterns and sewing machines. Keeping costs low, I opted to stay in the Halls of Residence and even managed to get the cheapest possible accommodation for a short time (shared room, good grief). We share one fridge in my halls of residence between 10 of us, which is just about enough to keep all our food in if we share a shelf, but when people start stocking up with alcohol for nights out then the fridge becomes packed with all kinds of alcohol so that you can't access any of your food. So I didnt have to have it delivered.Living in a house with a few people you will notice the fridge can get crowded and someone may eat your food and snacks or drink your drinks. Anyway, my room-mate was a spoilt madam who quickly got herself moved out, and with the extra space I decided to make things more comfortable for myself.
Also my main fridge tends to get full so its handy having one of these for my cool drinks.This cost me around ?25 if I remember rightly and comes in the white design shown here. If i were buying it myself I would appreciate some info on how many cans you can fit into it on the website or in the catalogue. I've never caused this problem however, since I was clever to purchase (by which I mean have purchased for me) a mini fridge so I'm always stocked up on alcohol without creating fridge arguments or having people steal it.6 litres does sound like a lot, at least it did to me, but it's not as big as it sounds.
So I bought this for my bedroom so I could seperate 'some' of my things from the main fridge in the house. I first bought a cool box which was fine and kept my food edible but drinks still didn't seem that cool after a long day in the car. Among other small comforts, I bought myself this mini fridge.Reason for buyingI soon recalled how awful it was to share a flat with students, and just how much worse that could be when you are nearly a decade older than everyone else. It certainly feels much more solid and more compact than previous devices I have used and it feels expensive, worthy. DESIGN, Upon research I have found you can get this fridge in either white or blue, nice to have the choice.
If I buy a 12 pack of Fosters I can just about cram them all in, but it is really only good for small items.
This is perfect for that sort of thing because I tend to drink a lot of cans of Dr Pepper.This fridge is a very reasonable price, around ?25 - ?30. In order to be able to save money on buying cold drinks, I decided to buy a small travel fridge.I shopped around and eventually settled on this 6 Litre one from Argos.
Among the problems I had with this situation was finding food and more importantly my milk going missing. I keep all my food and milk etc in the big fridge because there is simply not enough room in the mini fridge, it really is just suitable for snacks and drinks.It keeps my drinks perfectly cool, and I have not had any problems with drinks being warm but you do have to wait quite a while for your drink to be optimum temperature.
So the main reason I bought this fridge was so that I could keep my milk in my room, and it appeared there was no rule to stop me from doing so.

In fact my other main complaint is here too, the hum that comes from the fridge is a little loud although I only discovered it after having read reviews of it on here and investigating, the TV is always on when i'm near it, but it is louder than i'd want in a bedroom for example. I paid around ?30.00 for it a few years ago and on checking Argos online it is currently on sale for ?26.99! One less worry for me, because I really hate missing my breakfast cereal!CostAt the time of buying, this fridge was priced just a little under ?40 at Argos, although having run a search recently, I discovered that the price has gone up by at least ?5 to ?44.99. There is a removable shelf inside, it works better without it but its handy if you have some drinks you want to cool and maybe food or chocolate etc. FUNCTIONALITY, I find it a good feature that it has both a mains plug and an adaptor for the cigarette lighter in the car, I find this very useful when I want a cold drink whilst camping. It also contains a warming function, so you can keep items of food or hot drinks warm - it goes up to 60 degrees Celsius. But it soes the job perfectly and I dont have to go all the way down stairs for a drink or a lovely snack. This seems like a lot to me, for what it is, but then I have to admit I've been more than happy with what I paid given the improvement to my level of comfort and peace of mind!I will admit now, I didn't pay with real money, as I rarely do for luxury purchases. It doesn't go quite as cold as a full size fridge so I wouldn't recommend it for meat or dairy but it's ideal for cans and bottles of drink. I have never used this function, as I've not really had any need but you may feel differently. The size is ok, obviously its a 'mini' fridge so you cant expect it to be huge but if does the job. The fridge would not be as cold as a main fridge but it still works well and keeps cans at a nice cool temperature.Strangely, the fridge also has the ability to heat the contents in the fridge. Although I have left my job now and the fridge is only used occasionally on road trips, it is still going strong!*Description*The fridge is white with the door opening outwards on the front with a little plastic handle. I had some vouchers saved up on a consumer panel website, and so I chose to use these to buy my fridge.How does it come?I went into the store to pick up my fridge. It plugs into the mains and based on my energy detection meter I got for my electricity supplier it uses very little electricity.
I have had no problems with reliability as far as the technical side of the fridge are concerned. To power the fridge you simply need to plug it into a mains socket and wait for it to get cold.The fridge is white plastic with a flat base and curved top with a white handle which you pull to open.
There is no carrying handle but there is a little inset in the back for you to wrap your fingers under which makes transportation easy. I do not take this one out of the home but another mini fridge I have is put into my car very regular when I have got to make long trips or if I have a busy day with visiting clients.This fridge can be turned onto another setting and that will keep what is inside warm, I have not used that but when I started to write last night I turned it onto warm to test it and it does work. Having imagined it would be bulky and rather heavy, I waited until my boyfriend was visiting so that he could help me get it back to my flat safely, as I take the bus.
The door works okay, but sometimes I find it does not close properly unless you give it a good push. However, to my surprise, the box was not that big and in fact light enough to carry as an ordinary shopping bag, lighter than my groceries. However I'm not sure if this is a problem with the model in general or just my one in particular. Also it keeps your stuff very cold which is amazing.This recetly has become very helpful because in this Summery hot heat, my boyfriend took it to work and uses it there to keep his drinks cold because he works outside in the heat all day.Very worth it!! Appearance wise it is sleek and has a nice wipe-clean surface for easy maintenance.Having got it back to the flat, we soon discovered it was faulty, with the power cord not connecting properly, falling out and being possibly dangerous. It hardly takes any time to get going and once it does start chilling its very fast working. I think this is a good mini fridge with a few problems that depends on the person weather it will effect a purchase decision. I ended up giving it to a friend who wanted it, but she's also never had any problems with it and is happy with it. However, I got an exchange with no trouble within a couple of weeks and the replacement was fine.Inside the box was a small fridge, the power cord for plugging into the wall and also a car charger (so far I haven't needed this as I do not drive).
The size helps a lot as the cold air starts to circulate straight away and your drinks start to get cooler by the second. In it you can fit around 6 cans of pop with maybe a seventh if you push it and obviously less on taller cans. I removed this shelf and if I'm honest, have not successfully been able to use it because it just buckles under weight.
So overall i'd say it's a handly little fridge that will keep your cans and snacks nice and cool and the price isn't bad either. My pack had no instruction information to my recollection, although given the need for a swap it is possible this simply got overlooked on the replacement. Within an hour the cans are ice cold!There is also a little feature which I would use at work which is a warm setting.

To be fair it is not that hard to use and can be worked out without help.Size mattersThe walls of the fridge are quite thick, so the external measurements (34cm tall, and 21x25cm) are misleading for what can be stored in it and only tells you where you can store the whole fridge. This is intended to keep thinks like hot drinks and soups warm which I have used twice but would use more often at work. The whole fridge is small but has a rounded roof I suppose to stop us using it to put things on! I used it once to keep a cuppa soup warm, and it worked brilliantly, and once to keep a tea warm after being interrupted both times.
The fridge gets warm when on so store it somewhere that allows good ventilation around it.As I say, I use this fridge for a 2 pint bottle of milk and this fits fine, albeit with little space left.
Therefore if you were in a car that was about 20 c then the fridge would be chilling items to 0 c to - 5 c.The fridge also has a warm function which will keep things warm up to a temperature of 55 c.
You can pile in 8 standard cans of cola although I don't think this leaves enough ventilation room.I have tried cramming too much in for short periods of time and the main thing is make sure that the door will click shut and the ventilation is not blocked.
I've not used this function but I guess you could use it to keep warm meals warm when on the road. No where near as effective as those thermal cups etc but nevertheless it works and can save you the trouble of remaking tea and soups.
You can't fit a lot in but it does nicely for cooling drinks and maybe a small lunch pack.What's that buzzing noise?I was warned that a mini fridge would probably be very noisy and not a good thing to keep in the bedroom as it could disturb your sleep. It doesn't really re-heat but rather maintains temperature so you cant exactly warm things up in it.
An AC one and a DC one and you need to select on the back of the fridge which one you are using. There is undoubtedly a low buzzing noise that is quite audible in the room and would probably disturb some people.
Still, it's a nice feature.All in all I am extremely satisfied with the performance of this device and it has proved itself to more than meet my needs time after time. Sometimes I'm aware of it and others have noticed it, but I've never had trouble sleeping because of it. If you are sensitive to noise however, I would not recommend keeping this little fridge in your bedroom or any place you need absolute silence for concentration.The cold hard factsI had read from several reviews before buying that this fridge temperature is dependant on the room temperature and stores food at X degrees below that (like a cucumber I guess!).
It fitted on my back seat perfectly and I was able to have food and drink that felt and tasted like it was from any regular sized fridge.For my usage I found the size more than adequate. It is a shame that there is so much casing on it and less space inside but I guess that is how fridges need to be!
It does get very cold and if too full, ice might form at the back, which must be cleared, however it keeps everything at about the same temperature irrespective of how warm or cold the room was for me. The lead is long enough so I could have the fridge plugged into the cigarette lighter and sat comfortably on the back seat. In fact, I've noticed that this mini fridge is actually quite a bit colder than any main fridge I have used.
I find that my milk keeps a few days longer than it would in a standard fridge and I now take for granted that lovely refreshingly cold can of cola that I simply cannot achieve with a normal fridge. The shelf comes out with assists being able to clean the inside and you can soak the shelf if needed. If you are looking for a mini fridge with this sort f capacity then I would fully recommend this one!
Having brought this fridge back to my parent's place for the summer I set it up and switched it on. I then opened it and realised the cans in it (fortunately no milk at this point) were very warm, in fact a little hot. I may have accidentally switched the button to the warm setting and I can only hope this was what happened and it won't happen again.
From this the main thing is to make sure absolutely that you have switched on the fridge to the correct settings.Worth it?For me this was definitely a very good buy. I realise that if I only wanted it to stop my milk being stolen then financially this would be silly. However, it has also been useful for keeping things longer, having the perfect cold drink in the summer and I even took it with me on holiday (it fitted in a large suitcase nicely and was not too heavy) and this saved me paying ?200 for my essential breakfast. Using only around the same amount of power as a laptop to run, it is pretty energy efficient and cheap to run.

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