There are some potential design flaws that contributed to the difficulty in assembling this shed. After taking close to twelve hours to assemble, it goes without saying that it would have been much easier to assemble this shed if the manual were better written (the diagrams were not well laid out at all.) This shed is a big challenge to assemble, and if things are slightly off in their alignment, then be ready to drill quite a few holes to compensate for the problem. There is no way around it; the instructions for this shed are very poorly written and make the assembly of it a big chore. Even though putting this shed together will require you to enlist some extra help, it is definitely worth it.
I live in San Mateo, California and the neighborhood that my house is in has very little yard space. Fortunately, this Arrow Ground Corkscrew Anchor Kit makes this crucial installation step extremely easy. Even though it took us close to eight hours to assemble, the finished product is one with which we are very happy. We would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a product that has lower pricing to other comparable products while maintaining a high level of quality. For starters, the roof and the floor both come in several pieces, when it would be much easier for the assembly process if they both came in one eight foot piece. Much of this assembly can be done with one person, while there are specific instances where two people will be required.
From containing pictures that are lacking in clarity to not giving enough detail about which fasteners are to be used for which section, this manual is very hard to follow. In addition, the directions were extremely challenging to decipher, adding to the difficulty. Several years ago, I found myself in need of putting up a shed and discovered that this was my only feasible option (my housing association specified that outside buildings could not extend any higher than my wall, which would be six feet.) It did take a good day and a half to assemble, but once put up, you can move it quite easily.
There is a little patch of green off to the side of my house and a slight little backyard to the back of the house. By that I mean, it appeared there was at least two feet of accumulation on top of the shed.
I thought the door was a little flimsy, but the unit does stay dry inside and protects my tools, tiller, and wheelbarrow well.

There were some minor problems along the way, such as difficult to interpret instructions and parts that were not well marked. The most important things to do are to make sure your working surface is completely level and make sure you keep the frame square.
Prior to purchasing this shed, we would like to make two recommendations: first, setup is made much easier if you have in your possession a cordless power screwdriver, and second, you need at least two people in order to set this shed up. Get ready to be overwhelmed with bolts and screws, because the design requires quite a few. In my package, the two front corners of the shed were dented (the box did not show any external damage. My previous shed was plastic and lacking durability, so I am delighted with the value this shed provides.
It is so bad that most of the time, I was unsure if I was properly assembling the pieces the right way. Fortunately, this Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit makes it easy to provide your storage building with the structural reinforcement it needs. One nice feature of this product is that there is an 800 number that you can call when you get stuck.
Personally, I feel it would have been easier to pick up a few 2 x 4 x 8s, 1 x 4 x 8s, and siding, and then build my own shed, since it took two people one entire Saturday to do the job. Overlapping parts are not necessarily cut to fit, thereby adding another level of difficulty to the assembly process.
The color of the shed has not faded at all, and it has been very easy to keep clean with a garden hose. Currently, I am working by myself on this, but the job really requires an additional person.
Luckily we have off street parking but that does not solve the problem for my tools, bikes, kids outdoor items and other handy items.
If you decide to install a plywood floor, there are some very important things you should know. The building has remained water tight, and the sturdy floor has kept out the unwanted rodents common in our neighborhood.

By Pat from Monrovia, MD on March 21, 2013 Can the roof be reversed so the slope is towards the front? I was looking at a few outdoor sheds at Home Depot and Lowes and I found one that suited my needs at Home Depot. Despite needing to buy a board for the floor, the foundation that comes with this shed makes it very easy to set up and install.
One note: it does take some time to install (it took us eight hours to get it assembled from start to finish). I don't really consider myself an expert builder so after talking to one of the customer service guys he reassured that this shed was pretty basic to put together.
The big challenge with assembly is to keep your orientation where it needs to be, which due to the shed's complexity, this can be a bit of a challenge at times. Because we had just moved into a townhouse with a small yard and needed additional outdoor storage, this shed proved to be the answer to all of our needs.
The two insets show how to cut the wood flooring edge, but where you see the wood is also where the door and jam bottoms go!
After installing the floor I had an issue installing the door jams in step 14, but simply cutting the bottom of the jams solved the problem.
I did have to buy my own landing and the bottom base though to support the shed so it wouldn't just sit on the ground. I just ended up using a couple of round stones for the landing part and a couple of about 27 flat sheet bricks of cement to help hold the foundation up, which was stacked under the shed in rows of three. The walls were a neutral color before and I wanted some tan paint to go with the offset brick color of my house.I used the shed for my bike and my sons bike.
I bought a few shelves to keep everything in order rather than just have everything laying all over the place. It is good for people with small yards or a limited amount of space but overall I would recommend another type of shed for people that have the luxury of using them.

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