Attractive, horizontal siding combines with a vinyl coating to give you a handsome and durable storage solution. Accessories Arrow's accessories help you customize your shed to fit your own, individual needs and style. Arrow sheds can be purchased from most of your favorite retailers both in-store and online. Arrow Storage Products is the leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of steel storage units delivered in kit form.
I already had a Milford 10 x 8 that had been built by the previous owner about 20 years ago.
Although I won't know everything about how the shed performs until it goes through some Sierra Nevada winter winds, overall it went together easily and is sturdy. We are shopping for a new Arrow shed because after twenty great years a record snowfall in 2010 destroyed it.
By Randy Walter from Kansas City, KS on February 12, 2013 I lost my paper work and can't put my shed together.
Manual for the Milford ShedBy Frank from Atlanta, GA on November 5, 2013 Is the door on the 10 foot side or 8 foot side?
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We welcome visitors, and encourage you to come in and take part in our 50 year tradition by enjoying a free bag of popcorn and cup of coffee on us. Our 85+ locations have an outstanding product mix with items such as livestock feed, farm equipment, agricultural parts, lawn mowers, workwear, fashion clothing, housewares and toys. The Vinyl Sheridan's spacious roof design combines with a deluxe vinyl-coated exterior finish for superior storage space and durability.
Attractive, horizontal siding combines with a vinyl coating plus HDG STEELA® to give you a handsome and durable storage solution.

Five times thicker paint then standard Arrow steel finishes to help minimize fading and wear over the many years! A roomy, gable roof allows for plenty of headroom with space to work, hang tools and store equipment. Since it was established in 1962 as Arrow Group Industries, the company has sold more than 13 million sheds to customers around the world through its retail partners.
Fortunately, this Arrow Ground Corkscrew Anchor Kit makes this crucial installation step extremely easy. I needed more storage and was impressed by the durability and simple style of that shed so I decided to build the 10 x 12 right next to the old one. Make sure that you get some help when going to build it, and set aside a day to do it as it can take a while. It was an excellent shed and I would have installed the roof reinforcement kit if I had knew about it when we first got it (it would probably still be standing with that kit).
Even though you can put a padlock on the plastic handles, it feels like they would be easy to break off. After it is put together it seems durable and looks like it could handle the weather where I live (San Diego). His shed uses a tongue and groove system to go together and feels like it is better quality than mine.
Since that time Rural King has added over 85 stores in a ten state area (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Florida). You never know what you will find at your local Rural King and that's why every trip is an adventure. I guess I took the warnings to start with a level and perfectly rectangular base seriously and I was rewarded by a smooth and effortless assembly.
The value at this price is excellent and it the build on this kit is just as easy as any other shed kit.

Made a lot of mistakes when putting it together (the manual could have been more detailed), but after 3 days of doing and re-doing different parts I managed to get it together. Whereas his panels are thick, the ones that came with this shed are flimsy and feel like lower quality vinyl. The heart of Rural King is the corporate office, distribution center and flagship store, located in its city of origin, Mattoon IL. Our friendly staff is dedicated to serving your needs and can help you find whatever you're looking for. Fortunately, this Arrow Concrete Anchor Kit makes it easy to provide your storage building with the structural reinforcement it needs.
The design and construction method were clever and everything went together exactly according to the instructions. It took me around 24 hours of work to get it together (including the floor and trying to get the panels together). If you're looking to make that part of installation even easier, you may want to consider getting an Arrow Outdoor Shed Foundation Kit.
Even though I was expecting a better vinyl than this shed came with, after construction it feels solid and works (except for a leak in the roof).
Having one stepladder inside and another outside when putting the roof panels on made this easier since I didn't have to keep moving a ladder. Finally, for 777 dollars and a couple of days of my time I feel I got a handsome deal and a shed that will still be looking good in 20 years just like its older brother.

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