It is usually legal for a homeowner to do an asbestos roof removal for asbestos cement or asphalt shingles, but it is much safer hiring a professional asbestos service to do the job.
Removing and replacing the roof will be the most expensive approach and also the most risky. If you would like more information about asbestos roof removal or other asbestos concerns you can call the U.S.
Your first step is to determine whether or not you actually have an asbestos popcorn ceiling.
It should be noted that if your asbestos popcorn ceiling has been painted, the following removal procedures will not be satisfactory because painted texture will not absorb water when sprayed on.
If you have had a sample of your ceiling examined, have determined that you indeed have an asbestos popcorn ceiling, have obtained any necessary legal permits, have thoroughly read and understand the removal instructions, and have had proper training, you can now proceed with the ceiling removal. Professional asbestos removal services have all the asbestos removal equipment necessary to filter out the tiny asbestos particles that will undoubtedly be released into the air when removing the popcorn ceiling. You will need to use a breathing respirator at all times and wear protective clothing that includes goggles, disposable coveralls, gloves, and rubber boots. Place two layers of plastic sheeting on the floor as the top layer will be rolled up at a later stage to contain the asbestos popcorn ceiling material. Begin the work by spraying the asbestos popcorn ceiling with a solution made from liquid detergent and water using a tank sprayer. When you first begin scraping the texture off the ceiling with a 4-inch to 8-inch putty knife make sure that the popcorn ceiling is thoroughly wet before continuing. Scrape off the asbestos popcorn ceiling using the putty knife and let it fall to the floor.
Once everything has been double bagged and placed into asbestos waste disposal bags, including all rags, ceiling materials, and other supplies, you can wipe down all equipment and tools.
Before removing the plastic sheeting that was used to protect the floors and walls you need to completely encapsulate what remains of the asbestos popcorn ceiling. Before taking down the remaining plastic sheeting you should spray it one last time with water. When you are standing on the last piece of plastic spray yourself, your goggles, and your respirator off with water. Disposal sites must be licensed to take asbestos-containing debris such as an asbestos popcorn ceiling. A typical house built during that period would commonly contain asbestos from the roof down to its flooring.
This discovery led to extensive asbestos abatement efforts and the closing down of most asbestos mines and manufacturing industries.
Materials such as ceilings, pipes, and wall sidings are most commonly removed by homeowners without the help of a contractor.
The other is option is to have asbestos vinyl flooring or other types of asbestos floor tiles completely removed. It’s also smart to consult with the local government when it concerns regulations which pertain to safe asbestos disposal. If you have a home that has asbestos roofing shingles there are a few things you need to know before replacing or repairing them.
The cost of asbestos removal may be cheaper if you do it yourself, but this is not always the best idea.
They are not likely to be a health hazard unless they are disturbed by drilling, cutting, breaking, or sawing. A sealant will be used to coat the asbestos material, preventing any fibers from becoming airborne. And keeping the asbestos popcorn ceiling material wet at all times during removal is the most important component of a safe removal. However, before performing the ceiling removal yourself there are a few other things you should consider. Additionally, it is against the law to hire anyone except a professional abatement contractor to help you do the job. A breathing respirator makes breathing more difficult than normal and places additional stress on the lungs and heart.
Throughout the entire asbestos popcorn ceiling removal process all asbestos-containing materials must remain wet until they have been packaged and sealed for disposal.
Clean wet rags should be used to wipe off any extra ceiling material that is left after the scraping.
Place the rolled-up debris into double bags and place the double bag into pre-marked disposal bags for the contaminated materials. The rags that are used to wipe down your equipment will also be placed in the asbestos disposal bags.
This is done by painting the ceiling with latex primer paint or some other type of asbestos encapsulant.

Carefully roll up the plastic sheeting and place it into asbestos waste containment bags, making sure that they are double-bagged and labeled correctly. Remove your disposable boots, gloves, and coveralls and place them into containment bags as described earlier.
Before beginning the asbestos popcorn ceiling removal job you need to call the disposal site and make sure that they will be able to take your waste.
As you can see, it’s a very difficult and dirty job to remove an asbestos popcorn ceiling, which is why most people hire professional removal companies. It was used in many products because it added durability and strength to numerous commercial and household materials including asbestos floor tiles, asbestos siding, asbestos insulation, and many other products. This became a problem when it was discovered that asbestos exposure could cause extensive damage to a person’s health and result in serious medical conditions such as asbestos cancer. Homeowners either hired licensed contractors to perform asbestos testing and removal of any asbestos materials found in their home or they did it themselves. When a home owner performs the job of asbestos removal on their own it can lower the total asbestos removal cost. This is because they have a tendency to break and chip off which increases the likelihood of toxic fibers escaping and spreading in the air. Once asbestos floor tile identification has been made through asbestos testing, the first option is to install new flooring over the top of the old asbestos floor. The homeowner could do the removal without professional help if they understand how to do the job properly and safely.
However, due to the dangerous nature of asbestos and the risk of spreading more asbestos fibers into the air, removal of asbestos floor tiles by a homeowner is generally not encouraged. If you plan on doing your own asbestos roof removal you will need to check with your local and state authorities to learn about the various laws, regulations, permits, and training for doing the job yourself. Disturbing asbestos roofing shingles can release asbestos fibers into the air, creating a health hazard that didn’t exist previously.
Sealing should be done by a professional and is much cheaper than replacing the entire roof. You can also call your regional EPA office if you have questions about how to identify asbestos in your home or how to seal or remove asbestos-containing products.
Unfortunately, much of this texture contains hazardous asbestos, which created an asbestos popcorn ceiling. It should be noted that even if the ceiling does not contain asbestos it is important to follow certain safety precautions because there still may be health hazards.
It is also very important to follow all existing laws when removing asbestos-containing products, not only for your and your family’s safety, but for monetary reasons. The enclosed workplace can become humid and uncomfortable, also reducing visibility through the protective goggles.
All work areas must have the furniture removed and need to be completely sealed and enclosed with plastic sheeting so that no asbestos fibers can escape the work area.
Make sure that the ceiling is sprayed completely and that everything is thoroughly wet before any removal is performed.
If for any reason you are unable to completely wet the ceiling texture do not proceed with the removal yourself and hire a professional abatement service to finish the job.
You must be sure to remove all ceiling texture and not simply smear it around to be left on the ceiling. All bags must be clearly marked with specific information that you will know after reading the instructions you received.
No matter how thoroughly you did the job, there will be some contaminated materials left on the ceiling.
All items being disposed will need to be double-bagged in 6-mil bags that are specially designed to hold asbestos materials and be labeled. Hiring a professional to remove your asbestos popcorn ceiling may increase your asbestos removal cost, but it can also keep you safe and give you peace of mind. Its fire and heat resistant properties made it very popular among the shipyard, automobile, and construction industries.
The dangers of asbestos occur mostly when inhaling the toxic fibers that have become airborne when the material is disturbed or its casing is damaged.
Most states allow home owners to do their own removal job as long as the individual attempting the removal has the necessary protective equipment and knows how to go about doing the procedure safely. This way, the asbestos floor tiles would be encased and the chances of the tiles getting damaged and releasing the fibers would be significantly decreased. The home owner should also have the appropriate protective clothing and equipment in order to prevent the risk of asbestos exposure. The danger from asbestos roof removal is not due to the presence of asbestos, but comes when the product is disturbed or damaged, causing asbestos fibers to be released into the air.
Some areas may require a licensed and certified asbestos abatement contractor to do the work, so it’s important to find out before doing it yourself.

However, if the shingles are in poor condition you can either perform a complete asbestos roof removal or repair the damaged shingles. They will either be doing a complete remodel or there will be extensive damage to the roof, making repair not effective.
Before tackling a dangerous job such as an asbestos roof removal, it’s best to do some research to learn about the many possible dangers. As long as the ceiling is in good shape and remains undisturbed it will most likely not be a danger to anyone, but in some cases the asbestos ceiling should be removed to prevent asbestos exposure. If there are electrical wires or power in the area special precautions must be taken to avoid getting it wet as this can produce a dangerous situation. In addition, due to the amount of water that must be sprayed on the asbestos popcorn ceiling it is possible to damage or stain walls, ceilings, wallpaper, wallboard, and other items. The purpose of wetting the asbestos popcorn ceiling is to prevent asbestos fibers from becoming airborne during the removal. Once you have completely removed and wiped the ceiling so that it is free from all ceiling texture, it is time to clean up. Double-bag all remaining asbestos popcorn ceiling debris, including the final plastic sheet, and make sure each bag has been sealed properly with duct tape.
If you decide to remove the asbestos popcorn ceiling yourself, be sure to get proper training before doing so and follow all laws, regulations, and guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of others. A person who is exposed to its fibers for a continuous and prolonged amount of time is at risk of asbestos poisoning. The threat occurs when time and continued exposure to the elements eventually wear down and release the friable asbestos fibers. This option is safer when compared to asbestos floor tile removal since there is no risk of accidentally disturbing the asbestos fibers and causing them to be released into the air. This way, the homeowner can be sure that the job is completed in the safest way possible and that the risk of being exposed to asbestos is greatly reduced.
Once asbestos particles become airborne they can be inhaled into the lungs, causing lung cancer and mesothelioma.
If you decide to do your own minor repairs it is important to use a breathing respirator to prevent the inhalation of asbestos particles.
Before removing and replacing the roof, it may be necessary to perform an asbestos survey first. Assuming your popcorn ceiling contains toxic asbestos you must follow proper safety, removal, cleanup, and disposal procedures to ensure the complete safety of everyone involved. If after all considerations you decide to do the removal on your own there are some basic rules that must be followed.
Wet asbestos fibers will fall to the floor and not become airborne where they can be inhaled. For any cleanup, always use clean rags and never vacuum or sweep up asbestos materials or debris.
After prolonged asbestos exposure people can develop severe lung problems such as asbestosis and cancer, but can also develop asbestos symptoms due to a worsening of existing respiratory conditions. No matter how high the asbestos removal cost may be, it is always a good idea to deal with any asbestos poisoning threat immediately.
If roofing shingles are in good condition they will pose no health threat and the removal of the roof can be avoided. When completely removing and replacing a roof that contains asbestos the asbestos removal cost can be very high. Removing an asbestos popcorn ceiling can be a very tough and dirty job and is usually best if left to the professionals. Give the asbestos popcorn ceiling about 15 minutes to absorb the water before beginning the removal. Once everything has been cleaned and bagged take a shower to make sure you are completely free from any debris. All bags containing asbestos debris must be disposed of within 10 days of removal and must be driven to a disposal site in a covered vehicle.
However, if they are in poor condition either a complete removal job should be performed or they should be repaired. However, removing an asbestos popcorn ceiling can be done by a homeowner if that is the desire.

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