However, there are many houses with either attached or detached garages, and these garages can be turned to enjoyable living areas. When you decide what you would like to convert the old garage into, give us a call at Friga Construction. Building a Storage Shed Free Plan Designs – New Garage Designs and Storage Shed Floor Plans. We have hundreds of garage designs, shop plans, storage building plans, barn blueprints, and out building plans that you may use to add extra, out of the weather, space. Garage floor plans, Garage building plans, garage apartment plans, attached and detached garages, 2 car, 3 car and 4 car garage plans, 1 and 2 story plans for barns. This lovely structure offers a two car garage with two Building Codes Two Story Garage House Plan. About the Author Raymond is a professional blogger and handyman with automotive and home improvement interests. If you've ever dreamed of a New Home or a total home make over, Smith Builders can help make those dreams come true.
Four-car garage plans and larger garage designs are available in a variety of sizes and styles.
DIY 3-car garage plans enable you to build a space to not only hold vehicles, but to give you additional space for storage. A grand collection of two-car garage plans from the leading garage plan designers in the US. A carport is a valuable feature that can be added to a home to provide a sheltered area in which to park a car, boat or other type of transportation. The first thing a person will need to do when building a carport is decide upon the area of the home where it should be built.
Although most cities allow for a person to build structures such as wooden carports, there are occasions where it may be necessary to obtain a city permit before proceeding with any construction projects. After the location has been decided upon and the proper permits have been obtained, then it will be time to get started on building a carport.
Carefully plotting the locations for posts will be helpful for ensuring a well-designed completed carport. After the posts have had time to set, then it will be time to attach the beams and rafters to form the roof.
After the structure of the carport has been completed it will be ready to have the roofing materials added.
Through collaboration, and with a focus on practical solutions rather than politics, on innovative rather than ideology, together we can realize this vision.
Citywide Emergency Information: For current snow storm alerts visit our Emergency Information web page.
Why would someone in the right mind get rid of their garage, where they house the car, in order to gain more living space?

There is the potential of converting the attic or basement into living space but some houses have neither. The prospective for this new space is almost unlimited; extra bedroom, office, library (that would be the first thing on my list), music room, craft room, playroom, or another living area. Finding a new garage design to build and building a new garage, whether detached or attached, is. Garage & Shed Plans New Garage Building Blueprint Floor Plans with Shed Building Blueprints and Elevation Plan Designs.
Building codes here are rather strict, but the inspector did not find a single flaw in design or construction..
Typically, a carport is needed when the garage of a home is already occupied by a vehicle or it is used as a workshop.
While some people prefer the front of the home, others may discover that the side of the house has more room for building a carport.
Be sure to check with the city before beginning to build the carport to ensure that the project is compliant with all city codes and ordinances. To ensure that the project runs smoothly, it is best to gather all of the necessary materials before beginning to build. To begin plotting the location, place stakes in each corner where the posts will be stabilized. To place the posts, use a post-hole digger to make a hole that is two feet deep in the ground.
A single-family garage is used to park a car and store items; it may be in a building separate from a house or it may be attached to a house.
Or if there is an attic, it would be impossible to remodel because the rafters do not form the ‘A’ pitch and there would not be enough head room. Need some ideas,  just don’t know where to start or know what could the garage be turned into? All our two car garage plans with many sizes and gambrel roof, single story, two story, and southwest or adobe style. In addition to protecting vehicles from natural elements such as rain and snow, carports can be customized to either be freestanding or attached to the home. Additionally, it is important to make sure there are not gas, electrical or plumbing lines located in the area where the carport will be placed.
Those who will be building wooden carports will need to obtain a kit or gather the following tools: a hammer, drill, circular saw, post-hole digger, and level.
Then, continue to make holes that are approximately nine-feet apart down the entire length of the carport.
The following guide to building a carport has been designed to offer a simple set of instructions that can get homeowners started on building a carport that is customized to their personal needs.
After measuring for the project; lumber, concrete mix, nails, and joist hangers will also need to be obtained.

Additionally, be sure to place a hole in each corner of the carport; however, be careful not to place a hole in the space that will be the entrance for the vehicle. You will want and need a qualified professional to help with this remodel given the local ordinances and building codes. Following the instructions for the roofing material, add the roof and enjoy having completed a project that will add value and function to your home. Friga Construction will make sure the new converted space stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. To qualify, your garage needs to be 750 square feet or less and with beams spanning 14 feet or less. We issue subject-to-field-inspection permits over the counter, typically on the day you apply. Call us today to get  your old garage turned into something that you need; either for yourself or your boomerang children.
If your project doesn’t quality for a subject-to-field-inspection permit, you will need an addition or alteration permit. If your garage will be located in an environmentally critical area (such as a steep slope or creek) or if you need to dig an area over 750 square feet for your garage’s construction (including any driveway or other paved area), you need to schedule a pre-application site visit and we may have additional requirements. You may also need to get an electrical permit or plumbing permit if your garage will be wired for electricity or have a sink. You may also need to apply for electrical service changes or new services from Seattle City Light. Research the code Our Seattle Municipal Code (SMC) and Environmentally Critical Area Code limit the size and placement of your garage. The combined footprint of your structures (including new garage), covered areas, and decks 36 inches or more above the ground can’t exceed a certain percentage of your lot size.
In single-family zones, we limit the total coverage of all structures to 35 percent of the lot area (on lots 5,000 square feet or larger) or 1,000 square feet plus 15 percent of the lot area (on lots smaller than 5,000 square feet). You usually can’t put a garage within the front 20 feet or the side 5 feet of your property. You may place your garage in your rear yard (within the last 25 feet or the rear 20 percent of your lot’s depth, whichever is less), but we limit its size and height.
For subject-to-field-inspection permits, we check those requirements when we inspect your project during construction. For addition or alteration permits, we check them during our review of your construction plans.

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