The Australian Opal Centre has completed construction of its Black Opal Heritage and Fossil Shed. Measuring 12×18 metres and with an additional open bay, the sheda€™s high roof, ventilation system and insulation keep the inside temperature pleasant even on hot days. The AOCa€™s Dr Elizabeth Smith with students from Gosford, in Lightning Ridge to visit the Australian Opal Centre before contesting the Ricky Walford shield in Walgett. The shed project was made possible by grant funding from the Australian Governmenta€™s RLCIP (Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program) Round 2 and the NSW Governmenta€™s Community Building Partnership, support from Walgett Shire Council and vital assistance from dozens of local businesses and volunteers.

Students from schools in the Gosford City Council area enjoyed a half day program at the Black Opal Heritage and Fossil Shed in August. The dried old Australian snake skin shed in spring from a large reptile lies in the sun in the sand dunes enabling the snake to continue growing a new scaly covering on its long body. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. One end contains a display of vintage opal mining machinery; the other is being fitted out for search and preparation of opalised fossils.

The shed will open to the public once the fossil search area has been completed, but has already proven to be a fine venue, hosting a successful Meet and Greet night for the 7th National Opal Symposium in July, photographic and pottery exhibitions, school programs and a visiting heritage group.

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