We now have available Shell Corn, Cob Corn, and Trophy  Buck Mix for all of your hunters need to feed. COMING SOON FOR 2015 Modular Dog Kennels by: Kennel Pro Various sizes will be available along with kennel canopies and anchor kits. In this video: Check out the presentation of some of the Amish quality products in North Carolina. Note: If you intend to use an image you find here for commercial use, please be aware that some photos do require a model or property release. We have a dazzling array of garden buildings and structures that are sure to transport you to some cozy, nostalgic place.

Spa Enclosures and more - there are all kinds of choices and designs to create just about anything you want!
Summerwood do it yourself garden building plans are available in standard sizes and styles, or customize your plans online in our exclusive drag & drop Custom Design Center. When you first buy a wooden storage building, there is a final step once you’re installation is complete.
Caulking your storage unit when it is fresh and new will preserve the life of this building and keep it safe for storage. There are certain areas to pay close attention to when caulking, although you can caulk open space that will let in air or inclement weather.

Caulking your wooden storage building won’t make it last forever, but the shed and the storage items inside will last a lot longer. For silicone-based caulk outline the area with tape if you want your seams to be perfectly straight.
Summerwood offers an endless choice of design solutions for your outdoor living structures.

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